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  1. I broke out bad about 3-4 weeks into accutane. Mostly really bad on my forehead where previously there was only a few pimples, became a mess with about 30 pimples. It lasted for about a week and a half. The rest of my face, the IB was minimal and most of my many pimples on my cheeks are now gone, with only a large battlefield of redmarks left. My forehead and lower jaw line are just starting to heal now. I am in week 7. Cheers
  2. As mentioned above, sea water is apparently good for your skin. I'm not sure about salt water is a swimming pool, but stay away from pools with chlorine, it can aggravate your acne. Perhaps try avoid dipping your head under water?
  3. Dry lips might come with time. I think that they are the most common side effect. Although most accutane users get them, there is a small percentage of users who don't. You can always control it with a good lip balm or lip gel. Mine are terrible at the moment to the point where I find myself cutting large flakes of skin off with scissors. My derm gave me some really good prescription gel the other day for it though.
  4. Thanks for the replies I guess it all depends on what skin type you have. Mine, before accutane, was very very oily to the point where you could just about fry some chicken on the thing. It's not that oily now, but not dry. If only my lip weren't so flakey
  5. Has made my skin feel soft...not just the skin on my face. However, my perfect vision has deteriorated in the evenings and at night. It's fine during the day, but in the evenings I can't make out things in the distances such as signs and have trouble reading small writing at a focal point more than about three metres away. Anyone know why this is? dd
  6. Hey all I was wondering if anyone here doesn't moisturise? Or, if you used to not moisturise during initial treatment but started a few months in? I have been on accutane for about 5 or 6 weeks and have had no flaky skin (only flaky lips...cutting large pieces of skin off those bastards all the time) so haven't had the need to moisturise. Is this common not to have flaky skin? Will I perhaps get it a few months in? The reason I ask is because I read a lot of users regimens under their post, a
  7. I've been on accutane for 10 days now, and my face is still slightly oily...not dry at all. My question is, do I still need to be moisturising twice a day? Thanks
  8. Hey guys here's a little update, been ten days now. I'll keep it short and sweet. DAY 10 Acne status : I am breaking out on my forehead, and acne seems to be spreading higher up my cheeks. Lips: very dry. My bottom lip is swollen. I am using lip balm like a bad habit. Skin: not dry at all. I do moisturise morning and night. Sometimes if i don't moisturise before bed I wake up in the middle of the night to a really itchy face. I'll report back in a week, or when there's further development.
  9. hey dude Thanks for your log. I'm about a week behind you, and it is nice to see what others go through. Good Luck!
  10. Sweet, thanks guys One other question, I am currently taking one erythromycin (antibiotic) tablet with my 2x20mg Isotane in the morning. Should I be taking these pills at the same time, or have a short gap between taking them? Thanks
  11. hey guys I was just wondering if it is best to take accutane before a meal, or straight after a meal. I currently take mine after a meal, but just want to know what others do. Thanks
  12. hey Kemper, I've been on accutane for a week now, and I use Neutrogena Combination skin moisturizer also. Seems to work fine for me. I usually add some jojoba oil to it when applying it in the morning as it protects me against flaking, and just on its own at night. Hope ur treatment goes well!
  13. Hey I Started taking accutane today, but after reading some of you guys posts, I see some of you take Vit E and Fish Oil. What are the benefits of this? Also, If I were to try it, how much should I take? And is there a specific type I should get? Thanks
  14. hey guys We'll today I have started accutane for the first time. I just want to say thanks to all of those who answered my questions on accutane on this great website. I am a 19 year old male from New Zealand, and like most of you, have been at the great war with acne for many many years. My acne started at the age of 11 or 12. Up until the age of about 18 my acne was mild, with some bad out breaks at times, usually during summer. I first went to the derm when I was 17 after coming back from
  15. Thanks for the replies guys My prescription was couried to me today, but upon reading it says Erythromycin ES Tablets 400mg 1 tablet BD 2 months Prednisone 20mg mane 2 weeks Isotretion 40 mg mane 2 months Does anyone know what this means? Do I have to take 3 tablets at the same time? I never actually went to see my derm. I saw him about 6 months ago and he game my doyxcycline or how ever u spell it. Didnt really work, but my acne wasnt as bad as it is now at that time. Actually I got my