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  1. Hello, I started off with Roaccutane for the first two months of my treatment and then got prescribed Ranbaxy Isotretinoin (UK). I'm currently finishing month 5 while on Ranbaxy. The derm and other forums said that the main ingredient is the same, however, as opposed to Roaccutane, Ranbaxy will not cause so much dryness. In terms of side effects I didn't notice much difference - dryness, back and joint pain, tiredness. Hope this helps!
  2. AliAl

    First Pill

    Hi there! I just started my first pill yesterday as well. I'm on 20mg for the first month and then we'll adjust my dose. I'm also very excited/scared. Both my brothers have taken it when they were younger and they had no serious side effects so I'm hoping for the best!