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  1. Hi I'm 15 and have horrible acne scars I never picked at them but the acne was just so severe it always left scars. I have huge red blotches all over my shoulder there's not a single spot of normal skin. I heard that acne scars never go away. But I was wondering if anyone really knew anything bout dis.
  2. So I'm going on accutane here in a month or so and have heard that some possible side effects r blindness or deafness. I'm just wondering if anyone has heard of this or knows someone who took accutane and became blind or deaf.
  3. I have cystic acne all over my chest back and shoulders it hurts I know but your accutane and that's pretty much the only thing g thst can help people like us so hang in there and stay with the treatment for the whole time it should help u hope it works for u.
  4. Only take accutane if your ac e is truly HORRIBLE like mine I'm going on accutane in a month or so and I do t give a shizz bout side effects I'm a waist of flesh and the pain is so horrible form my cystic acne thst I just can't do this anymore. So if your acne isn't really BAD then I suggest thst u don't take it.
  5. DUDE I know exactly how it feels bro. I'm 15 male and trust me I know how it feels. I have severe acne all over my shoulders literally u can't c my shoulders because there so red and every centimeter is covered with red inflamed cystic pimples or the huge scars left from them. I also have it all over my neck so people can c it alittle but it's not horrible on my neck as for my chest it's ridiculous. Same as u I have it all over my upper arms and some on my lower arms. Yeah I can't ever go to the
  6. It's very sweet of u to care so much for your older brother I'm the oldest in my family and I know my brothers would never even try to support me. They hate me very much. I have very bad acne same as your brother. All along my jaw and neck and also on my shoulders back and chest. I'm going on accutane in a month or so. I suggest thst he do the same if he hasn't already. And make sure he goes through with the whole treatment. Hope this helps and make sure he knows he is not alone. Good luck.
  7. Thanks so much! My dermatologist said thst the side effects weren't really thst bad but I'm a worry wort( it runs in the family I guess) and so I've been super stressed out about it. But my skin is so painful and disgusting thst I simply don't care what happens to me. Thanks for your posts and happy to here that it worked for u!
  8. From what I've heard lots of people get really bad breakouts like thst just hang in there for the whole treatment and then decide if it did anything. I'm going to start taking accutane here In about a month once I get my blood work done and I'm very terrified of the side effects. Have u expirenced anything horrible besides the normal dry skin?
  9. Hi I'm 15 male and have had acne sense I was 12 it was never really bad until 2 months ago when it started getting horrible and by horrible I mean HORRIBLE! Before my acne was on my chest shoulders neck and face but it was never really "bad" I could still hangout with friends and go 2 da beech without feeling like a monster or some wierd alien. But about 2 Months ago it started spreading and spreading fast it spread from only 2 little cysts on my chest to countless cysts(all of my pimples are c