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  1. Leelowe1, Thanks again for the feedback. My regimen seems to be fine other than on my nose and I don't really know why. However, does this still look pretty mild to you?
  2. Hi,
    I suffered like you from a teenager to my late twenties, luckily I found out what was causing them,so for me it was prevention rather than cure,I am 57 now and couldn't imagine what it would have been like to suffer all my adult life,I imagine that you have the same problem as I have.

  3. I know I have posted a few times here and people might not think it's bad. But now I feel so ugly and very depressed!!! I keep getting zits on my nose and it sucks. I can't even go out to hangout with my friends now until it clears up some Please help any advice to help me get through this.
  4. Wow it's like flawless. I have been thinking of going on Accutane for my mild to moderate acne see my pics and rosacea it seems on my nose. Did you experience alot of negative side effects?
  5. grieve14

    Acne Log

    Photos of me when I have really bad acne days. Or, what seems bad to me.
  6. My nose got really red and swollen when I woke up Saturday morning. As you can see it's still red and painful maybe not as red but still red I think it's somewhat starting to heal since it seems to be more centralized. It's not coming to a head or anything like that. It sucks looks like I got a bad sunburn. Anybody else experience this and what should I do? My derm put me on Miprocin I guess it's for bacterial infection amongst other things.
  7. Leelowe, Thanks for the feedback. I am going to go to a few sessions that might help me with my confidence especially when I break out. What do you mean by caution using it? I do have some other acne around my face but mainly on my nose so I saw that and thought I should give that a try since my old regimen wasn't showing results or making me breakout often. Yeah I am focusing it mainly on my nose and forehead area. Thanks,
  8. This is a follow up to my post on the 10th of this month. The scarring definitely got better and know it's just red with some pigmentation I can kind of live with that because I have really pale skin so it kind of sticks out. However, just when I thought I was getting over my so called rough patch another big red painful spot/zit came up this morning. I am so frustrated beyond belief. I don't know how I can get these painful red spots on my nose overnight. Any thoughts or suggestions this sucks
  9. Leelowe, Thanks again for the feedback. I decided to see a psychologist to help me possible overcome my issues with acne. I don't know why I am like this. I really try to do my best. By the way, I decided to try the acne regimen on here hopefully that will help some.
  10. Got another post to put. I had a big zit that forcefully popped accidentally leaving pretty big scaring and redness. Also, if you see some accompanying redness that is painful. Went to the dermatologist and he did some swabs he said it's possible it could be a bacterial infection but nonetheless I am so ashamed to go out looking like this. Any thoughts? I keep getting redness that is painful that is sometimes around the nose or comes to head.
  11. Marcus, I really appreciate the comments. I know sometimes people might think I am vain for posting on here or stuff like that. I know people have it worse than me however people also have it better than me. Honestly, I just get really inflamed ones on my nose. For some reason not too much anywhere else not that I am complaining about that. Your thoughts on why I might be getting them mainly on my nose and if there is something you might recommend? Thanks, Louie
  12. Marcus, I know what you are going through. In my case i get big ones on my nose along with accompanying redness and I am afraid that girls might not want to approach me or kiss me with it. Check out some of my recent photo posts and let me know what you think if you can
  13. More inflamed pimples especially on my nose. Getting very frustrating. No matter what I seem to do or not do they don't go away. My dermatologist suggested maybe a low dose of Accutane. Any thoughts?
  14. So as most people on here know I have had most of my breakouts and issues on my nose. Today I got some extractions done and although my skin feels pretty smooth as you can see it has left quite a few dark and red inflamed spots. Hopefully that isn't more acne and just the swelling. Has anyone else experienced this? Also, how long does it take for the redness and swelling to go down? I couldn't have the strength to go into work so I called in.
  15. Troubled Adult, I know exactly what you are going through. However, I don't know how bad your skin is. As you can see on my post what I show is what I feel is bad. Other people on here might not think it's bad but still. There has been many times I wouldn't go out or even coming to work cause I know or feel people are looking. I just have to keep telling myself there are far worse things than acne. Do you have any pictures?