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  1. ^ Softly softly is right. I'm from Pakistan and I've lived in the Middle East/Pakistan for most of my life. I have acne (ethnically Pakistani) and most of my Pakistani friends have absolutely flawless skin. In fact, generally, some of the most flawless skin I've seen has been in Pakistan. It just depends.
  2. Hey! I just started my 3rd month of Claravis and I'm on 40mg right now. I got no initial breakouts, just the odd small painless zit. But a few days ago, I got this huge, deep one reminiscent of the old ones I used to get - it's not going away! Did you experience anything like this around the 2nd week of your 3rd month?
  3. So, I have had persistent mild/moderate acne for about 9 years. I'm going to be 20 next year, and my derm prescribed Accutane. Apart from the dryness, I've been incredibly happy with the results. I didn't even get an initial breakout - she started me off at 20mg, then 30mg, and I'm 3 weeks into my 40mg dose. The thing concerning me is that I still have some "bumps" under my skin that never surface, and just recently got a painful/huge pimple reminiscent of my mild - moderate acne days.
  4. ^ Some makeup can aggravate acne, but makeup in itself isn't fundamentally harmful to acne. For instance, I went months and months without any makeup, and kept getting acne. When I put on makeup, I kept getting acne regardless. When I began treating my acne and wearing makeup alongside it, my skin improved. You just need to find makeup that suits your skin, and wear it responsibly (wash it off properly, NEVER sleep with it on, etc). I do hate the feel of makeup on my face though, so I'm wait
  5. I can't take a pic right now, but this is what's in my makeup bag: - MAC Blot Powder in Medium-Dark - Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner pencil in Black - Burts Bees chapstick - Burts Bees Lip Shimmers in Fig - some random dark blue eyeliner that I never use lol
  6. For me, I think I end up looking much better without all that foundation - my skin looks less oily, less fake, less cakey, and my skin's real color shines through. (I have an odd mix of undertones and overtones that no makeup/combination of makeup thus far has been able to match.) But in a way, I also look much better WITH all that foundation, because no one can see my numerous acne marks, etc. So I don't end up feeling guilty so much, but feeling trapped inside my makeup and wondering how muc
  7. A lot of people like Meow cosmetics Personally, I just didn't get the hang of how to apply mineral makeup. Maybe one day. I'm not sure if it could withstand the Texas heat right now though...
  8. thanks for the birthday wish! :)

  9. Thank you! It's basically Revlon Colorstay Eye Pencil on the top and bottom lash lines, eyelashes curled, and a little bit of mascara :)
  10. how i usually do my eye makeup http://i612.photobucket.com/albums/tt201/aishaish/072.jpg
  11. hey! sorry, i haven't been on acne.org in a while. yeah that was super scary stuff, our dorm was on lockdown. luckily, i decided to skip my first class that day, which was in the UTC - too close to the chaos D:

  12. hey! the classes were good, but as you can probably tell from my newest topic, i'm a bit lost in the hugeness of this place! my school was an international school of 400 people, so this is all very new to me.

  13. Someone once posted this video, I think: Good luck, and if that's you in your avatar, you are beautiful!
  14. Thanks guys, it just seems like nothing is working. This is my second time on Doxy, and I've already tried so much: Accutane, Azithromycin, Differin, Dalacin, herbal stuff, Hydroquinone, blah blah blah - I can't even remember anymore. Everyday for the past 5 years I have thought about my skin. Countless brands of makeup, layering powder over painful pimples, caking on concealer just to look normal. I was hoping things would miraculously be different as I started college in a new place, new lif
  15. I was asking anyone that had an answer, haha. When you say "timely" manner, how many hours are you talking about? I really need new makeup, and since I'm in college now and living in the dorms... I guess it'll be on from morning to right before I go to bed. I did order some Meow Cosmetics, but my marks are so terrible.