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  1. hey guys for anyone out there and for own sake just wanted to update. Acne started coming back on cheeks around end of august/begging of september. Really frustrating. Skin is still not oily like before and my cheeks are only area experiencing breakouts, which is weird because thats where i suffered the least before accutane. I've been using tazorac for about 4 weeks now and i can start to see improvements. Don't think a second course of accutane will be needed if these results keep up.
  2. I've had some stingy bumpy patches of i don't even know what on my cheeks for a while now. It almost looks like mild razor burn up close idk how else to describe it. I can feel it easily with my hands but it's not easy to see so I'm not too worried about it. Been using some expired prescription topicals I've had left over but they aren't budging. Gonna try some over the counters. Otherwise skin feels normal (not dry or oily) and I'm mostly loving my skin thanks to accutane! Still worry a little
  3. Accutane was hands down one of the best decisions of my life.
  4. I took two types of oral antibiotics. Both cleared me up about 80% but I saw my acne come back significantly worse about 5 months after starting each one. Luckily Accutane was able to finish the job for me tho. After two failed antibiotics and multiple topicals I was running out of options.
  5. I had joint pain throughout my entire course. It was worst the first month but stayed persistent throughout. I am a hurdler and felt it in my groin as a result of pain in my pelvic joints. I also felt it in my back where I have minor scoliosis. Are you using that specific shoulder for anything? Seemed like areas affected to me where areas affected by most stress (groin from hurdling and back from slight curvature) all pain went away within a week of finishing so as long as it's tolerable just pu
  6. Honestly scientists somewhere probably already know a perfect cure for acne it doesn't seem like it'd be the hardest disease to cure. But why cure someone when you can sell them products and make profits off of them for years and years and years on end.
  7. So it's been about 3.5 months post accutane and just wanted to do a little update. Definitely much more confident and especially more outgoing with girls which is nice haha. All side effects disappeared within a month of finishing. I decided to post today because, after 3.5 months, I got my first inflamed pimple today. Kinda makes me nervous of a relapse but I guess I'll see what happens it's just one pimple. Anyone know of any post accutane treatments they use to keep acne away? My skin isn't o
  8. Carmex is easily the best. It's a yellow Chapstick tube and usually "strawberry" flavored even tho I never taste any strawberry. Anyways when you open it you will immediately see it's not like other chap sticks. It's hard to explain but it's more vaseliney and might burn at first if you're lips are really cracked but unlike other chap sticks it really heals your lips quickly other than just alleviating dryness. It's dope I 100%recommend haha I wouldn't write such a long thing about a stick of Ch
  9. you're just gonna have to stick it out… I my acne got better the first month then awful for month two and three and then I went like all of month 4 5 and 6 with like 3 actives total. Finishing in a week but ya it can be really discouraging in the begging/middle.
  10. thank you so much with the help! Hope your post tane journey continues to go smoothly.
  11. Finishing accutane in a week, just wondering when side effects should disappear. A. Lips B. Dry skin C. Facial redness (flushing) D. Post acne Red marks (thankfully no deep scars) E. Slight back aches F. Hair (Since starting tane my hair has become dry and coarse and a little curly and it is very annoying I have no idea how to style it or anything ugh this has been my least favorite side effect... Idk if anyone's experienced similar effects but hoping it will return to the way it was bef
  12. Week 24ish: 20 days left (should be 13 but i stopped a week before junior prom to avoid dry skin) Have not had any actives since the start of month 4.
  13. My hair has always been mostly straight with a very slight wave to it, but i could always make my hair straight with some careful combing. However, since I started accutane my hair is getting curlier and curlier, specifically in the front. Its now to the point that I have such wavy hair it is impossible to comb and even curls in one or two spots in the very front. Anyone else experience it? Anyone know how to combat it? Is it likely my hair is curling because accutane is taking the oils out of m
  14. tretinoin worked wonders for my marks when antibiotics were still keeping me clear. Sorry for late responses I've noticed as my acne gets better and better i come here less and less. Its been about a full month with not a single new active and trust me accutane is a miracle drug. My confidence and overall happiness have skyrocketed compared to what they were 4 months ago and my skin still isn't 100% clear. Cant wait for life with no acne or marks at all. People with naturally clear skin don't kn