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  1. Hello , me again! New update of my face it's not that bad but forehead looks destroyed haha. Hopefully that roller will flatten out my pores and wrinkles. (For head)
  2. Yeah I see the point. But I also broke out taking milk everyday it got bad too. I barely drink milk so I don't break out just little ziys and pimples which is good. I face is literally better then the first photo sine the supplements and taking care of myself. I'm ordering a kit like I said to help my wrinkles and smooth out my skin pores etc. And I'm waiting to see if a dermatologist can take me yet. Still no answer
  3. Yeah I'm working out and running. Lots of water. Where can I get that aloe stuff? And I'm taking vitamin supplements. I think when I get my derma roller it'll help smooth out my skin. Plus I'm going to buy a product from banishacnescars.com I seen reviews and wow big change with the pumpkin enzyme mask etc. I really hope I become clean again. I have faith.
  4. I'm going to do updates on this post. Here's a few pics of my face now. Ordered a derma roller to decrease the size and texture of my skin(overeashed, over weathered。
  5. My face lately has been dry so I haven't been breaking out. My face is actually healing. Plus I have supplements! Like vit a , c ,b and etc. I am just waiting for my derma roller to help produce collagen! Lost a lot when I smoked cigarette
  6. What does Accutane do. Like stop you from breaking out forever even if it's hormonal or whatever
  7. Thanks haha! well my ex broke up with me cause I was breaking out. But I broke out too cause of stress. We always argued and fought. But she left me for my "friend" ... But karma . I know wassup ! But it's getting better. I been working out and drinking water as much as I can. And sleep ! Thanks all for the confidence. Makes me life better. Godd bless !!
  8. Thanks for the replies ! And for confidence. I ordered the derma roller so I'll see if it helps speed up the process. I seen other testimonials and saying it helps the process.
  9. Thanks! And yeah idk. It kinda is bad. Before I broke out bad my fave was actually clearing up and all. Then I started getting stressed out and staying up late then Bam! Broke out bad. sadly. But I ordered a derma roller . And my acne is kinda almost gone just the marks are left. Those are easy to see. And next month I'm ordering vitamin c serums and retina a. Hopefully ! I stopped smoking like two or three weeeks ago. It helped a lot. But here's my face now.
  10. Thanks for replying. Yeah I think I've Been obsessing in the way I should look and just accept it. But it's kind of hard cause it what's I wake up to every morning. I used to look young and healthy. Now I don't. But I have a feeling I will soon. Or sometime. I'm obsessed with soccer though. So I'll keep up with that. Plus, you think derma rolling or micro needling will help a little bit in the long run? God bless.
  11. Hello, I'm new here. I'm currently 17yrs of age. Been dealing with acne over two or thew years now and it took a huge chunk out of my confidence. It is still today I'm pretty sure my ex broke up with me cause it was getting bad. I try everything to exercise and eat right. It still happens. I don't want this problem to be a forever. And this site is my only hope to keep me going. So anyone who reads this we can talk and discuss. I've had acne affect my right side bad. (Vulgaris) not too