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  1. When I was in month 2 I was still breaking out on my cheeks pretty badly. I think Accutane just makes it's way around your body so maybe it's choosing to go to your cheeks last! I am in the middle of month 4 now and my cheeks are clear now. There are little breakouts every so often but I think your body is just clearing itself of all acne! It's a process. It'll go away. : )
  2. princesshaley

    W A I T

    I find a lot of joy in writing these motivational messages. They have gotten some views, so I hope that I have impacted people with my words. My words are all genuine. I want people to be happy. I know what it feels like to have swollen cheeks with deep cysts dwelling underneath my skin. I have felt the dread of not knowing when my face would ever look normal again. I know what it feels like to not want to leave the bathroom after you wash all the makeup off. What I did about it is what ma
  3. princesshaley

    l o o k s

    Looks. Why are they so important? Who defined what is beautiful? This has always been troubling for me. Why is it that we look on the outward appearance way more than the inward? Some of the best people I have ever met in my life did not have a Hollywood pretty face. They are just normal people. There are even some who society would call ugly that are the ones with the most amazing stories to tell. People are so intricate and unique. Every single person in this world has millions o
  4. I am on Absorica right now which is another form of Accutane and there was a time at the beginning where my face looked worse than when I started. I saw this as my skin cleansing itself. I felt like it was pushing all of the bad to the surface so it could be cleansed. It's not like it is all going to disappear by itself! My skin is clearing up nicely now and I am on my third month. My skin isn't perfect yet but it is definitely getting there. Patience is a HUGE part of this process, just wait! Y
  5. princesshaley

    v e n t

    You never have to be alone. Even if you think that there is not one soul who cares about you, I PROMISE you there is. I will prove that to you by letting myself be that one person who cares. This blog post is entirely dedicated to YOU and your questions. Comment a question or a comment, anything you would like to vent or say to me. I will do my best to answer your question, give you words of encouragement, or simply thank you for commenting and taking the time to read my blog. I kno
  6. I use Aveeno gentle calming foam face wash to take my makeup off everyday. It even takes off all of my mascara so I feel like it is doing the trick. It is super light and feels great so I think that would be a good solution for you!
  7. I would definitely recommend waiting it out! Good things come with time and I assume your dermatologist knows what is best for your face. There are a lot of acne medications that make your face break out first. There were a lot of topicals that I went on in the past that made my skin worse first before it got better. I just think of it as a cleanse. The medicine or topical treatment is getting rid of everything so it can repair itself. If you really are concerned about it, I would just call the
  8. You could always try essential oils. Products by doTERRA are awesome!
  9. princesshaley

    Y O U

    Everyone has insecurities; things that they want to change about themselves. We look at others around us and wish we had what they have. There is not enough self confidence in this world. There is too much envy. You are beautiful. Your flaws are what make you stand out. Always remember that people are noticing your unique qualities and appreciating them before anything else. You never know if someone you are envying is secretly envying you. You are so much more than you think you are. There is s
  10. princesshaley

    p r e a c h

    My skin has been looking really great lately. I wake up in the morning and I look in the mirror and I actually like what I see. This has not been the case in years. But, I have no regrets in my life. I don’t wish that I would have started Absorica sooner. I know that I was given these challenges with my skin for a reason, and I am filled with more gratitude to God than I could have ever imagined for these improvements. I know that because I was burdened with acne all of these years, I am even mo
  11. exactly my thoughts! you are always going to read more bad reviews than good if you are on the internet. unhappy people like to complain for all the world to see. You know nothing about accutane and all of the untold rare side effects. You should check out the Repairing Long Term side effects of Accutane topic in this forum ! Dermatologist cant help me like all other victims , they know nothing ! Looks like you are really far away about what is the Post Accutane Syndrome and untold side effect
  12. exactly my thoughts! you are always going to read more bad reviews than good if you are on the internet. unhappy people like to complain for all the world to see.
  13. Dont use Accutane whatever you got on your face ! Accutane taked my life and it wont came back, i know people who suicide because of the permanent side effects of accutane , people are dying because of these drugs ; Accutane,Proscar,Finasteride,Propecia ! DO NOT USE THESE DRUGS EVER ! Make some search about accutane and sexual side effects, hypotalamic changes on body. Even Roche (the company who mades accutane) dont know how accutane works.. do not trust any doctors who dont know nothing about
  14. I would definitely recommend Accutane. I am on Absorica right now and I am almost through with my first month and I have seen outstanding results already. I have not heard too much about long term side effects. Some people get acne back after finishing treatment but I think that has to do with the severity of your current acne. I would go for it, it is a good treatment.