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  1. I have VERY sensitive skin and I was just wondering if this increases my chances of developigng acne?
  2. I use Dave's cleanser in the shower in the morning. Then I'll apply the full amount of BP after my face is dry and that usually takes like one to two minutes to absorb in. Then after I let that dry I apply a DOT (literally) of cetaphil moisturizing lotion on my face. At night I just wash my face with Dave's cleanser and then apply the BP, no moisturizing at night.
  3. So I've been on the regimen for more than four weeks now....and I started seeing results after week two, but lately I've been getting a quite a bit of large breakouts in a few different places on my face, and it's just really embarrassing. I get stared at wherever I go, and i don't know of any other reason why random people would look at me on the streets...so this is really putting me down. It might actually be the Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion that I've been using that's what's been causing the