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  1. I would go for it. If you don't suction you might regret it and start thinking about what could have been. If you're serious about treatment, isn't some prolonged bruising worth it?
  2. Looks like hyperpigmentation to me. It's common for people with darker skin. Basically your skin has produced too much melanin after it's been wounded. It can be treated with topical products such as an AHA. It can be persistant though so give it time, and make sure you wear sunscreen. Keep in mind I'm only saying what I think it is, I'm not an expert. If you're really concerned ask a dermatologist.
  3. Could you elaborate? Are they sinking in, becoming deeper/more depressed? Or are they becoming more red? The latter is the norm from what I understand. You should expect prolonged bruising and redness when you suction.
  4. @Lennon33 I'm just trying to help you. You said it yourself, you are mentally defeated by a spot. That warrants psychological help, doesn't that sound reasonable? There's so many people with worse skin defects than you that have made it in life, probably because they don't let it own them. But hey, I just took time outta my day to try to help you out, I must be a horrible person. Way to judge me! Hope you feel better about yourself. Useful link. Your spot is not nearly as bad as you think.
  5. Go see a psychiatrist because this doesn't sound healthy. Your spot isn't nearly as bad as you think. What did your dermatologist say exactly? Did he/she just recommend IPL right away? Maybe go see another dermatologist and ask what the spot is exactly. It looks like erythema which can take years to fade. I wouldn't put any creams on it, maybe just moisturize and let it heal on its own. It can take a while for the results from IPL to show, and it's very important that you avoid the sun afterward
  6. If you think people stare at your skin and look at you weird then you are deluded. You don't have any craters, you have very shallow and minor scarring. It doesn't even look close to bad in a single picture. I doubt I would even have noticed your scarring in real life. I think you look very healthy actually. Why do people keep saying that they see people staring in disgust or something similar? Cracks me up every time. Like someone would be disgusted by some extremely minor scars on your skin
  7. Have you been to a dermatologist? I usually pluck the hairs that grow between my eyebrows.
  8. Of course you can drive. It's not like blood is going to drip into your eyes or something. You'll be a bit bruised up, that's all. If you're red as a tomato, then yes, you're probably gonna get some looks. But so what? What's the worst that could happen? You just go about your business.
  9. @andyc192 I'm sorry, what scar? I don't think AMVC is a thing. It seems like most people "get it" from using exfoliators. Exfoliators have a tendency to uncover damage that was already there. You might have gotten it from acne, chicken pox or anything really, even as a kid. I saw several new scars after I started exfoliating daily, do I think I have some weird disorder that doesn't even have proper research behind it? Or could it be that I'm uncovering damage that was already there? I'm gonna
  10. @il90Haven't looked that much into those tbh. I feel like subcision did work for me, it's just that my doctor wasn't that skilled. The scars he managed to subcise correctly showed improvement, and I didn't suction or anything. I'm just gonna go for subcision again with an experienced doctor and then do suction, needling and TCA peeling too.
  11. I'm Swedish too. I have relatives that live in the US though and I go there regularly so I'm gonna get scar treatment (subcision + more) there with an experienced doctor. It might not be a viable option for you. But just know that I have given up on getting scar treatment here in Sweden because we are so bad at it.
  12. They do subcision at Stellakliniken but it's expensive as hell so probably out of your budget. Scar treatment isn't very established in Sweden, they will recommend laser every time. If you feel like it is working, then I'd say try 5 more treatments. 200 kr for a treatment isn't a lot in my opinion. I don't think you're gonna see any miracles, but might see slight improvement. Not sure what you mean with healing though, your scar will never be completely healed. Scars can only be remodeled to bec
  13. To add on what @f93d said. Many before and after photos are shot in different lightning, so it might seem like a huge improvement but in reality it isn't the case. I can take close ups on my skin where my scarring looks almost nonexistant and others where it's very visible.
  14. I get you, we all have things we obsess about. If it means anything I think your scar is so insignificant that getting depression over it is absurd. No one will ever care about that scar except you. Don't get me wrong, I'm not judging you. I know how the mind can play tricks on you. It's funny, I have a deep boxscar on my forehead that I got from chicken pox when I was very young. I've never thought or cared about it, but my acne scarring is like the end of the world lol. Now I know I won't c
  15. Um, like any dermatologist that does cosmetic work? Look up dermatologists in your area.