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  1. After six months of thinking diane 35 wouldn't work my skin is perfectly clear. I stopped all other treatments two weeks ago and I can even get away with not washing my face at night if I'm lazy. I don't plan to make a habit of it though. I have no active zits, a couple scars here and there but they are gradually fading. I took diane a couple years ago and it cleared me up perfectly, I stopped because I thought it may have been a contributing factor to my depression. My acne got terrible righ
  2. Last week I had a terrible breakout. My aunt who is 52 and still gets acne gave me some of the aloette acne lotion. I figured I'd try iy out since I really had nothing to lose. Right now my skin looks amazing I have no new pimples and all of the existing pimples have either disappeared or decreased to at least half the size. Does anyone else use this? I've never even heard of this product before. I'm assuming it contains aloe but other than that I have no idea whats making it work so well. Mayb
  3. I absolutely hate mushrooms. I don't think I'll ever grow to like them. I hate thier texture and taste. If they're ground into a sauce it ruins it for me. It's the only food I can't tolerate, besides most seafood.
  4. That's odd... I'm on my third pack of dianne and skipping my period too. When did you start seeing results? I'm still breaking out.
  5. If you find a pill that works for your acne it will clear body acne as well.
  6. Where can I find clay for making my own mask? I was thinking either kaolin or fuller's earth. Also does anyone know any good ingredients?
  7. I'm definitely waiting this out I'm sure it's going to work, it did before. I was just looking at old pictures of when I started diane the first time and I did have a drawn out initial breakout. During the second month my skin was really bad, and by the end of the third there were no new breakouts My memory is terrible so I'm going to have to count on the pictures, and my guess at a time line. Not knowing when my skin will be better is what's bugging me the most.
  8. I just finished my second month of Dianne and I'm breaking out like crazy. Mid month I was starting to see some improvement but that didn't last. How long is this going to take? I was on Dianne two years ago and I saw improvement after only a week and then my acne gradually improved until I was clear after 2 months. I'm starting to think that this might not work for me anymore...
  9. My theory is that if you do your makeup right no one will notice it. I always hear guys complaining that girl shouldn't wear makeup and it's so unnatural, but they're talking about girls who don't have the right make up or just don't apply it right. Guys like when a girls skin looks flawless and her eyes pop, they just assume that they aren't wearing makeup because they don't see any cakey powder or black eyeliner. I have sisters who are twins, one wears really bright makeup and dark eyeliner w
  10. The main reason I was looking at the body shop was because they were so strict about animal testing. Even if these products aren't tested on animals l'oreal will profit. This sucks, their tea tree oil products looked really good too.
  11. Has anyone bought either any makeup or skincare products at the body shop? It looks like they have some really good products but I'm not going to buy them unless I hear anything good.
  12. Where can I buy essential oils in Canada, specifically Ontario? I can't buy online so is there any stores that sell them at a good price?
  13. Walking my dog keeps me very fit. I walk her an hour each morning and half an hour in the evening. I'll mix running with walking to burn more calories. I lift weights twice a week and do a mix of pilates and yoga whenever I can. Seriously, if you want to exercise more just get a dog, that way you have no excuse not to exercise.
  14. Right after I have a smoothie I get stomach pains. It's weird because this has happened about five times now and the smoothies I make always have different fruits in them. This is really healthy so why would it upset my stomach? I'm using soy yogurt in mine. Could that be what's causing this? Maybe it's the acid in the fruit... It still sucks either way though
  15. Heres a link to a site that has a bit of info on buying/selling cosmetics in Canada. http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/iyh-vsv/prod/cosmet_e.html I'm pretty sure you are not liable is you state all of the risks and that the product has not been tested therefore it may have some unknown side effects. They can't sue if they've been warned and used it anyway. (They only law background I have is high school law so I'm not too sure on any of this, I just seems like common sense.) This is a link about label