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  1. So far so good! :) Can actually say I found something that works really great 8)

    1. Just ready to have skin I can appreciate :)

      1. Alexius

        The difference!

        Patience patience is what I need right now lol. I've noticed dry red patches here and there and I don't want to quit but I also don't want them to worsen.. Did you experience any of this??
      2. wrinkles?? oh no!! Im coming back to this product cause it really did help with my acne.. its just so drying and the aha is so powerful i think i didnt use enough moisturizer which led to me noticing lines more and dark shades around my creases when i smile but i never wore sunscreen so im blame for that.. with that said this time i need to moisturize MORE!! Good Vibes to you and your adventures with acne regimen