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  1. ljll

    lacey long.JPG

    dont ha ha ha me, im 13 years old and i did have acne just because im clear and you not, they yall need to do take a hike...
  2. ljll

    DAY 14

    It's not so bad. Your face looks good. It's not what's on the outside, it's on the inside. Your beautiful. Just how God wanted you. And God also made make-up...
  3. ljll

    my pics

    all types of pics!!!!
  4. ljll

    lacey long.JPG

    dude!!! im not fat!! i way 73.7 lbs! and im 13!!!!!!! yall cn be curel!!
  5. hi, Im 13 years old and I get about 1 new pimple every other day. But when I pop it like it says on this site, I have a red mark that won't go away! I use two kinds of acne meds a day. Both 10% benzoil peroxide. Equate and Clearasil. I am going to get neutrogena on the spot. But until then please help me!!!
  6. ljll

    lacey long.JPG

    From the album: Clear!!!

    This is me after!!!
  7. ljll