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  1. Hi there, Just my two cents...if you have scalp acne and are thinking that cutting your hair short or shaving your head will prevent the acne, I'd say think twice. I have very short hair (a mohawk) and have to grow it out because my scalp acne will not go away. Shorter hair has not made a difference in my case. Angela
  2. Hi all, I had cystic acne for over 10 years. I tried everything under the sun before accutane because I was too scared of it. Having ten years of experimentation with no luck, I was at rock bottom and was suffering with severe depression. So I figured I had nothing left to lose, and went on accutane. I do wish I had gone on it years before because it has done wonders for my skin (tho I am not totally clear, I still have terrible scalp acne and the occasional zit). But, it's nothing like it
  3. I have tried antibiotics, birth control, accutane, and a variety of shampoos for acne. Accutane did get rid of the horrific cystic acne I was plagued with for over a decade (at least for now), but my scalp acne has persisted. I have a mohawk and have decided I have to grow my hair out because the acne will not go away. It does not itch, and I do not have dandruff. Does anyone have any suggetions for me? Thanks, Angela
  4. I am living in the San Francisco Bay Area and would like to see someone about dealing with deep pock mark scarring. Does anyone have any recommendations for me? Thanks, Angela
  5. You need to go to a derm, whether they are male or female. Do not rely on people on this forum to diagnose your condition. I"ve had cystic acne on my ass and have seen male derms for this problem.
  6. I was scared as hell to take accutane and tried everthing under the sun for 10 years ad finally gave in. I am experiencing bad lower spinal pain (with cracking sounds), sharp and dull muscle pains and am having to have all kinds of blood work, to be followed with xrays, MRI, etc. My thought was that I would try accutane and go off of it when the side effects got to be too much. Hopefully it wasn't too late....
  7. i quite accutane a week early because of persistant lower spinal pain. two weeks have passed and my lower spine hurts, and cracks. i've read tonite that isotretinoin can cause desiccation the the spine (deterioration due to dehydration) and other spinal problems and that often they are permanent. has anyone out there had the same problem? has is gone away for anyone? has it remained for anyone? I am very scared....I'm a dancer and a gardener and I am only 29. I am going to try to get an
  8. can anyone recommend a fish oil without vitamin a for me while i am on accutane?
  9. Does anyone know of any fish oil without vitamin A? I am going to go on Accutane tomorrow and want to take fish oil, but I cannot have any more vit. A. THanks Angela
  10. I have severe cystic acne with scarring. I am, by nature very gregarious and love people. The only thing I've been able to do is to be really honest. I talk about the acne with friends, co-workers. I let them know it's been a decade long struggle, that it gets me down, etc. At least then I don't feel like it's this deep, dark secret. I still feel home-bound at times, but I talk about my skin issues like anyone would talk about some other illness that is affecting their quality of life. I
  11. I am going on accutane after 10 years of struggle and misery. I am wondering if they actually test to see if you are taking birth control pills when they do the blood sample for pregnancy testing while on accutane? Thanks! Cysterella
  12. I am going on accutane after 10 years of struggle and misery. I am wondering if anyone knows if they actually test to see if you are taking the birth contol pills you need to take to go on accutane when they do the pregnancy blood test? Thanks! Cysterella