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  1. I must say that this post brought me to tears. I feel the exact same way you're feeling. Middle school was awful for me. I constantly got taunted for my skin. I finally went on Minocycline and Epiduo which worked like a charm. Junior and senior year of high school my skin was CRYSTAL clear. My diet was horrible. I was constantly eating sugar, chocolate, etc. and not a single blemish on my face. Then, college happened. The acne started to slowly come back. I had stopped taking the Minocycline and
  2. Hi All, I'm writing today because I'm SUPER frustrated with my skin right now. I've just hit 9 weeks using epiduo gel this past Friday; I experienced an initial breakout during the first 3-4 weeks but I knew this was normal. It cleared around week 5, but reappeared during week 6. I was super discouraged. I finally cleared during week 7, but have recently began breaking out again - HORRIBLY. I currently am using epiduo at night (pea sized amount) about 30 mins after I wash my face with Cetaphil