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  1. Its ok bro I was like this too back when I was in highschool I had to avoid everyone cause I felt my skin was good enough today. But we can't keep running from our problems. Live life to your fullest potential because acne is temporary. I know it's hard because you feel depressed but don't beat yourself down because of something you can't control it's natural. You don't wanna regret running from your social life just saying. Make everyday positive or try your best. Overall it gets better trust m
  2. Oh boy, Oh boy, where do I start lol: Throughout my teenage years (started at 15/16 and i am currently) I had a form of mild - moderate acne. First it started as cystic under my skin. Now it is basically a form of mild acne now (So it seems like it is hormonal and will probably be gone sooner or later). I had always struggled to find happiness. I had really high self esteem and confidence when this problem had occurred but later on it was basically so low to the point it was barely "see it". I h