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  2. i HAD SD bad. a lot said here works like nizoral on the face etc. i would wake up find my nose area RED RED ... then between my brows ... on my brows & to a lesser On my chin. i could feel it coming on. heres what i did. wash ... with dial liquid ... its now got mositurizer, then witch hazel ( NON ALCOHOL), BUT my derm gave me a hyroC cream .. (i thing .05%). EVERY DAY i was & apply it. (i also had 4 IPL).... If i dont use the cream for 2 days IT comes back, but if i use it im f
  3. Go to DR LISA ZDINAK's website & check out her dermarollers. She sells them for home use & also performs a medical level dermarolling.
  4. FBAL your skin looks amazing. I dont think supplements can help scars but maybe they can make skin look better. I havent posted in a long time but I went along with a family friend who had silicone in her scars on her cheeks. I went along just to keep her company. I can tell you that her scars look almost 95% gone. I think she had 5 sessions. The same derm gave her 5 IPL treatments & she looks GREAT. She went to a nyc derm jay barnett.
  5. just a thought. Try 2 improve your skin generally first. Forget the scars. Maybe some light laser treatments. Then TRY some skin fillers in a small area so when you keep looking in the mirror you can spot any improvement. Keep the harsh lasers for later if at all. Just focus on some small area/scar first & see what happens.
  6. get a Rx for ACLOVATE. Its the ONLY thing that works & it works INSTANTLY. Heres the trick: put on a VERY thin film. First wash your face or whatever. Then Apply. I havent had a SD breakout in months, but I use to get one about every week or 2. Mostly between my eyebrows or around my nose area. I could feel the itch/burn & arggggrh look in the mirror & see it gathering redness. Now some derms will talk shit & try to Rx a lesser cream but it will NOT work. I never go any
  7. From what I found out, Fage is great, and the Best probiotic according to a MD a few years ago is DR OHIRA's.
  8. From what I think I know & learned microdermabrasion does almost zero for scars/scarred skin. RETINOL products & high powered CO2 laser make collagen the best, but who wants the downtime with CO2 lasers. So maybe a lesser laser like Erbium Yag THEN a filler. If silicone is the filler you're thinking of because it is permanent then make sure the derm who does it has done many many silicones before you.
  9. Do you think the Daktarin would deal with dandruff. I get SD symptoms very often I wake up with red blotches on my brow, near the bridge of my nose & around my nostrils. NO shampoo I've tried gets rid on my dandruff. Of course, some days its like a new england snow storm & other days no so bad. Some shampoos start out ok but by the 3rd time they don't work. I'll try almost anything.
  10. Is Whole Wheat pizza dough good for you? My parents won't allow white food in the kitchen. I like the WW pizza but sometimes I think its all BS. Just be moderate & have vegs/fruits also in moderation. And some Vodka or wine which I had recently.
  11. I like the idea of giving your face a break. How about washing once a week or something like that.
  12. I log on after 6 tries then I go into any room & when I return to the main lobby I'm logged off. I just curious as to a solution.
  13. Why can't T H E Y find a cure? The Know-It-Alls just write books. So where are the real reasons for uncontrollable acne?