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  1. Yes pretty much the same! I was super clear in the first few weeks then I got really bad cystic acne around my chin and cheeks, it has took pretty much 5 months to clear up but it is so worth it! my skin is the best its been in ages so stick it out!! all I have now is some scarring but no active acne atm
  2. have you seen any improvement yet? I finally am starting to get clean skin, il post a pic tomorrow but I only have 1 active spot atm n before that I had 2 weeks with none! hope its started working for you too!!
  3. mty month 2 and 3were worse! D: im month 4 and only now starting to get better.
  4. Don't think anyone even reads these and i'm pretty much just talking to myself but its nice to get things out. I've been prescribed another 6 months worth of Yasmin, the nurse said itll be up to 6 months till my skin adjusts and I shouldn't lose hope, it just confuses me how I can clear up then within 5 days be back to square one.. I'm not sure what I can do about that. Praying in the next 2 months my skin starts to show a difference, i'm wondering if maybe the fact I haven't been tak
  5. my gp said no... im coming to the end of my 3rd pack now and wtf, last week I cleared up! like I lasted maybe 3/4 days with not one active spot.. and then somehow today I have 3 cysts one huge one on my chin, why cant I just be normal... none of my other friends have to deal with this, what can I do/try? do I continue with Yasmin? why is it clearing me up for a few days then I wake up with 4 cysts? I just need any advice anything at all my face disgusts me
  6. How can I get prescribed spiro as I think that's what I need as yasmin alone is not enough will a gp prescribe this or only a dermatologist ?
  7. 5 days into my third pack of Yasmin.. really struggling to believe this pill is going to work for me now. My skin has gotten no better - I think it could be worse than when I first went to the doctors toget this pill for my acne, although the rest of my face is clear apart from my chin/cheeks and jawline, which ive read is hormonal acne so that must be the pill causing that? I have never had so many spots filled with pus in my life! In the morning I have atleast 5 big spots that have to be popp
  8. 3 days into my 3rd packet. still getting large spots that are filled with puss I have to pop them its disgusting. the worst ones are along my jawline and really hurt and stay for days on end .... praying by the end of this packet I start to see some kind of improvement
  9. wtf? so I woke up today with not one active spot... tonight I have 5 cystic spots!! 3 on my jawline and 2 on my chin, how does that even happen in less than a flipping day
  10. Ah thank you that gives me hope! I've just never had cystic acne this frequent really so I wasnt sure if it would ever improve but I'm going to keep sticking it out
  11. Have you seen any improvement yet? I'm like 5 days into my second pack, and still no improvement whatsoever...
  12. Getting worse... Today I have woke up with 4 new spots on my chin... help me!! Nearly at the end of my first pack and don't know wether to take the 7 day break or just continue with the 2nd pack
  13. the second one is the recent picture.... less little red spots but more large cysts
  14. Skin is so red and sore. Currently got 3 cysts ... any hope please! it seems worse than when i started