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    learning<br />working out<br />football<br />basketball<br />playing sports<br />wakeboarding<br />longboard skateboarding<br />&& all other extreme sports<br />watching/studying movies and actors<br />competetive gaming<br />music<br />beach<br />partying<br />reading<br />eternal sunshine of the spotless mind<br />and you

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  1. Well I don't know you, why not tell me what I like about you? ;)

  2. its great dude. i recently moved from miami to pittsburgh to change my life for the better.

    school and sht you know what we have to do to secure our future and make sure we dont become

    failures in life. so everything swell for me. what about you? girls are always there, they come, they go.. nothing new.

    i am tired of hooking up i want something more steady now..

    your turn lol

  3. What up bro!!! hows life,hoes,and the world been for ya?

  4. damn mandy

    long time no talk.

    miss u

    to an extent.



  5. damn that texas. come visit me in pittsburgh. you know u wanna =)

  6. dena beana

    you are the first person ive messaged in months.. you better add me! i want to be ur first friend under that new sn!


  7. Day 181 : Month 6, Week 2 (Week 27) Skin: Clearrrrr Side Effects: Chapped lips.. !!!! YAY! I'm clear!! My face does not have one zit on it!!! It's been a few weeks since I've last broken out and I love it! Over the last 2 months I've probably only had about 3 pimples! It makes life so much easier.. BUTTTT I have mad red marks and scarring. At my last doctor's appointment (April 12th) he told me this is my last month on tane.. I actually only have about 2 weeks left of pills. Fine with me. I
  8. ahh just like a bird flying over his prey. i like the way you think haha u can be my wingman than

  9. same ol shit for me bro, just being a 'midnite vulture' at the clubs waiting for the weak,lonely,and vulnerable to swoop on;) Oh and don't get a DUI now that your 21!!!

  10. hi back at ya ;)