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  1. I'm having almost the exact same problems. I use Cetaphil face wash in the morning and evenings, but it doesn't seem to help.
  2. Hey guys, Quick background on me: I successfully finished a 5 month Accutane treatment about 2 yrs ago. I was left with some mild scars on my cheeks but nothing major. I plan to treat for this once I save up some more money. My problem now though is: For the past year I'm noticing redness in my cheeks. I wake up in the morning and my face is ok, but as the day goes on it gets redder. By the time evening hits my cheeks are really red and irritated. The redness is only in places where I have sca
  3. Hi there, I've been acne-free for almost 3 years now after a successful treatment of accutane, but I still have these scars on the sides of my face. I've been reading through this forum on all the different kinds of scars and different treatments but its a lot of information to take in. I've posted a pic, my camera isn't that good so I hope you can tell what kinds of scars I have. They are on both sides of my face. Also, I don't have that much money to shell out right now, so a treatment tha
  4. I wear disposables and biweekly contacts. I've been on accutane almost 1 month and I've had minor issues with dryness. Eyedrops after taking your lenses out work just fine. But I also think that after 5 years of wearing contact lenses my eyes have adjusted nicely.
  5. I didn't even have to request accutane. I switched derms recently because I was getting fed up with all the other treatments not working. Like the other person who posted on here, I was hesitant to get accutane unless I had no other option. But after years of no results with anything else I decided to try a new derm. I walked it and he just handed me the booklet and began talking to me about accutane. So I had some bloodtests done and now I will be starting it next week. I can't say my acne is
  6. I will be starting Accutane treatment in just over a week and I was wondering about a few things. I've read through the section posts and FAQs, but I've got a couple questions. Are there any other moisturizers that people have used others than the ones listed here. Just trying to figure out what are all the options. Are there any other gels or anything that can be used on the face. And can I still use concealers such as Menaji for my face during this time? Thanks
  7. Thanks for the responses, I was thinking of vaseline too but I wasn't sure. I'll try and check out the moderate to severe forums for more info.
  8. Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post, but here it goes: So I will be starting accutane treatment in mid-June to treat my moderate to severe acne, and I just had a few questions. I've read all the information from the derm and from this site. I was just wondering from personal experience if anyone could recommend any moisturizers for the face and back that I can use during this treatment (I've read on Cetaphil, wondering if there are any others). Also, could I still use men's co
  9. Thanks again, appreciate the help.
  10. Thanks for the information. Is this AHA Lotion available over the counter or is it purely prescription? I've never heard of this type of infection so I'm not familiar with AHA Lotion.
  11. It is on the outside part of my arm. I am a guy so I do have hair on my arms, I don't know if that in any way may affect this. Thanks for the info guys.
  12. I've had mild back acne for a while and recently it seems to be fading away, but all of a sudden I got a breakout on my right arm, between the mid to elbow section. I was wondering is Dan's bacne regimen still applicable for arms as well? Its also weird because its only on my right arm. Also I was wondering where could I pick up an alpha hydroxy solution? Is it over the counter or do I have to get a prescription for it? (I live in Canada) Thanks