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  1. hey! i haven't used this site in a long time, mostly because i don't have use for a site about acne... considering i am completely free of it. i was worried my mild/moderate acne might return after a few months off accutane, but that hasn't happened in the least. i stopped taking it in April. My skin is free of any pimples and hyper pigmentation. my skin and lips stopped being extremely dry around a month after stopping and about 65% of my oiliness is back, but i don't mind it (very easy to dea
  2. Hey! my skin is doing great and i'm at the end of my fifth (out of six) accutane pack. i have been getting compliments and questions about how clear my skin is front left and centre. my dermatologist even said that my skin looks great and it looks like i've never had acne!
  3. i haven't had a single pimple since the beginning of this month. my hyperpigmentation is basically gone now. i haven't been posting as frequently, because acne is such a far thought from my mind that i don't really have a reason to go on this site. i really recommend washing your face with raw honey. i think it has helped fade my hyperpigmentation significantly and nips any pimples that want to form in the bud. plus, it makes your skin so soft and moisturized.
  4. i had my second last dermatologist appointment today. my dermatologist said that my skin has cleared up nicely and the hyper pigmentation i have is mild and will either fade significantly, or be gone within my last two months on accutane.
  5. does anyone have any experience using raw, unprocessed honey as a cleanser and olive oil as a moisturizer? would you recommend either, or both? thanks
  6. my skin is responding very well to only washing with water. it seems far calmer and doesn't require nearly as much moisturizer as it did when i used a cleanser. once or twice a week (or the day before something if i want my skin to glow and be a perfect canvas for makeup), i'll do the queen helene mint julep to exfoliate. aside from the mask, i try not to let anything touch my face, because it is so sensitive. it feels really, really nice to not feel so hung up and depressed over my skin a
  7. my skin is doing great! i'm so happy that it cleared up in time for the holidays. i was finding that after washing my face- no matter how gently i washed and how gentle the cleanser was- my face would go RED. i decided to ditch washing my face and instead, put my face in the shower while it runs semi-cold. using this method also eliminated like 90% of the dryness i had. my skin is actually liking this a lot and i might continue to do this after accutane. eating an avocado a day does nothin
  8. so the zits i got on my cheek a few days ago were actually really small and are all healed up. i think there was definitely a connection between eating a bunch of junk food around the holidays and getting them. i'm back to eating 3 million avocados and tomatoes per day, so it's alllll goood. i don't think the PIH they'll leave will be bad or even noticeable, considering how small they were. my skin overall looks quite good. i'm looking forward to seeing how much more it'll improve by month 4 thr
  9. my skin has been doing great, EXCEPT a couple days ago when i got three zits on my RIGHT CHEEK. the one spot on my whole face that i hate getting anything, because of how easily i get red marks there. ugggggghhh merry christmas right?
  10. thank you! i'm so happy i made the decision to try it
  11. my skin is still improving more and more everyday. this weekend, i hung out with my boyfriend's brother and his girlfriend who i haven't seen in a couple of months. the girlfriend was like 'what did you do to your skin? it looks like porcelain now'. it makes me smile so much whenever i think about it! i wish i had taken progress photos. i actually would try to document my acne progress, but at the time the pictures would just make me sad and i'd delete them immediately.
  12. good luck! i hope your accutane journey is smooth sailing from here. from what i've experienced, the third month is when your skin is really gonna start clearing up like crazy.
  13. wow..... my skin has been doing nothing but healing and clearing, FAST. i am beyond impressed. i have no new pimples and my hyper pigmentation has almost completely faded (it is indistinguishable with light makeup). my skin looks great in all lighting, even in one of those magnified mirrors with the bright light! although i only had mild acne before, i no longer have any anxiety about my face even without makeup. i still have no side effects beyond dry lips and skin, which is easily avoided with
  14. acneissofun

    day 60

    i'm on the 4th day of the third month and my skin is pretty much clear. i hope the same happens for you!
  15. the small breakout i had is healing very quickly. no more new pimples. i think the breakout was just some of the last few clogged pores coming to the surface. i have the feeling that from here out my skin isn't going to breakout anymore and just continue healing and clearing.