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  1. So it's the next day since I washed my face. I didn't really wash everything away because I feel I shouldn't pick my face anymore , it was getting too red. So there's still dried up oil on my face, mostly near my left eye, I didn't want to pick that area that much because it just stopped from producing cystic pimples for 3 months. My face Is not as red as yesterday now. But after washing my face yesterday, my face felt dry and tight, got me questioning whether did I wash away my "acid mantle" wh
  2. Hi all! The regimen is getting too hard for me. I forgot to mention that the sebum gets in my eye every 3 - 4 hours EVERYDAY since i started the no water regimen and its super painful and stinging for my eyes. 2 hours ago, i decided to pour water on my face. well its horrible. I can see the dried up oil so clearly. a layer of white-yellowish residue. It is not the "dead skin" mask, it's dried up oil on my skin that i left it sit on my face since i started the regimen. My face feels horrible
  3. Hi all First of all, I'm a 23 young female adult who has mild acne since i was 14. I've always have white and black heads since highschool on and off. my worst acne came when i was 21 when suddenly my cheek were all red, bumpy and dry. a rash lookalike. I went to see a derm and he prescribed me antibiotic pills, face cleanser and this white cream to use after washing my face. For a year +, my face became better. then, i slowly stop taking the pills because i dont want to rely on them for my en
  4. Hi seroyal, am wondering how it has been going so far on the regimen? Since its been a year + I started about a month ago with washing my face only with water, still have pimples and dry skin on my forehead . I have this continuous pimples emerging next to my left eye problem. So 2 weeks ago, I officially started the caveman regimen by not letting water touch my face. First week have lots of whiteheads near my mouth ( the area which is not acne prone , I rarely get pimples this area before I