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  1. why hello there! I see you visited my profile :), what's good?

    1. Sorry if this has already been asked.. Can someone please explain to me how to go about finding the best dermatologist to perform fraxel on me in my area? What qualifications or certifications am I looking for? I know pretty much nothing about all this, thanks for any help. I am from hawaii, does anyone have experience with a good fraxel doctor there? Thanks.
    2. kaaaaa how u doing?

      1. OMG that's awesome!!!!! I'm glad you're having a good time hehe, I was worried! ;) ttyl.

        1. im good thx :) im in hawaii on vacation!!!!!

          1. hey ka! how are u? everything alright? haven't seen u in a few days!! hope ur doing ok, good luck :)

            1. same ol same ol, just bustin my ass at work, partyin, and chasing chicks. stay safe bro,

              1. not bad man, just doin the thing and killing time. how bout you?

                1. Hey bro hows it goin?

                  1. Hey, good-looking guy!

                    1. You're from hell paso tx? That sucks man. I was stationed at Ft.Bliss with the cav last year, man that place is SHIT. sorry bro.

                      1. crewman, like on a tank?

                        1. Canadian Forces...a crewman, I'm still in training...how long you been in shitbox?

                          1. What's you're job? You like it?

                            1. lol, I thought you're pic looked like a US uniform, but I guess it's hard to tell cuz its so small.