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  1. Guys!!!! Please advice me what kind of acne is that and how it should be treated! Cant withstand it and more :((( Thanks in advance!
  2. Thank you. At the moment I am using skininstitute glycolic acid 12 cleanser, then salycil acid toner and mousturizer. Doing it for 2 weeks, but feel like all coming out. Have never been so bad skin, usually had couples on chin. I assume I got this because of wather. I am living in country where is very high humidity.
  3. Hey guys, you are my last chance. I am desperate with this condition, haven't had so bad acne. Please does somebody have experience with this type of skin? What are these tiny little zits all around my face???
  4. I too have these little bumps all over my face!!! I've had them for 7 years now. Sometimes it gets better but I've never been able to get rid of them. I've done endless amounts of research and I think it's one of these: closed comodomes, pityrosporum folliculitis, keritosos pilaris, or cosmetic induced acne. They all look sooooo similar I can't really figure out which one it is. I've tried retinoids and Aha, bha and even Nisoral shampoo. Nothing is working!!!! Mine do itch a little but not sure
  5. iberga93


    Hey, guys! these little annoying bumps started appearing like two months ago. At the start, it wasn't so bad but lately got worse. I have acne prone skin, but mostly I got breakouts on chin area and jawline, but this time it started appearing on the forehead and on cheeks around my mouth what I have never experienced. Also, those bumps are on my chest a bit. Before I went for BHA peeling, but no result.. after I started using Nizoral, cuz I thought It could be caused by Malassezia, this is
  6. iberga93


    Hi, guys! I am completely desperate. Recently got this kinda breakouts. Have a lot of clogged pores. Do not know what to do, before I applied clindamycin, Differin is not working for me. Does anybody have same skin issue? Please help! My g face is oily, sensitive plus acne prone. Mostly breakouts are on the chin are, and forehead. At the moment I let my skin rest a bit, only wash it with burts bees cleanser and using wich hazel. In the morning avene light hydrance cream with spf.Looking forwar
  7. Hi! I am looking for your help! Have you before had something like that? I have no idea what is that. Last week started to drink saw palmetto and two days ago also b vitamin complex. Do you guys think that's because of that? I have this pimples also on arms. Ithis are not itchy.
  8. Hi everybody. I am sorry about my bad english, I am latvian girl who is desperate and dont know where to looking for help. All most time my acne are on chin zone and forehead, but recent time my chin looks terrible. I have tried everything, every doctors say different things. Ones think that i have demodex, other acne vulgaris.. treatments-differin, skinoren, try ACV, i even cant remember what i have used.. really, this is my only chance, i hope you will be responsive. I found a picture whe