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  1. Looking back, I truly wish I had taken Accutane sooner, I didnt even know it existed when i was 15 and never even visited the dermatologist causing me severe scarring. I like everyone else at first thought of Acne as something small that happens in puberty but goes away naturally and since it is "normal" I thought there was no reason to meet a dermatologist. Then at 16 I go to the derma and they prescribe me bullshit creams, then at 17 I go again and they prescribe me bullshit antibiotics.... fi
  2. Goodluck on your journey But about Accutane for two years thats insanely long time it should have cured your Acne hmm )= are you sure u took high enough of a dosage? Many reasons for Accutane to not work is because its not absorbed and utilized by the body well. Did you take it with high fat meal consistently? Im pretty sure Accutane would work for you with the right dosage, patience and absorbtion. But yeah u have to weigh in the side effects.
  3. Rachel, the caveman method is flawed and there are many reasons for this. Firstly washing your face is something that has been practised since the caveman times, people have since their creation washed their faces with cold water from rivers, lakes or whatever it may be. And scientifically washing your face with cold water does not break the acid mantle nor does it harm your skin in any way, rather it would purify it. So with all due respect the caveman method is flawed both scientifically but e
  4. Have hope in Allah and dont worry I will make a prayer for you. It is important that you keep taking the Accutane prescribed with a fatty meal consistently every day for 6+ months. So be patient with gracious patience, you will have clear skin soon trust me. Peace!
  5. Ohh damn I love Skinoren, shots fired.... It made me itch and burn for the first week but then was amazing reduced red marks and lowered inflammation. But every1 has different types of skin I guess. Have you tried taking 500mg b5 a day with some zinc, magnesium and vitamin d3? That is really good post accutane.
  6. What was your cumalative dose? Also Accutane cant cure Acne since its primarily caused by your own immune systems inflammatory response.
  7. You can go back on the accutane, in my opinion you should go back on it and your Dermatologist will probably agree. You are not supposed to break out 20 days after ending it especially not with a cyst. Your cumalative dose was not high enough. Just go back on it unless you feel like the side effects are too harsh.
  8. Ok first of all, joint pain and muscle soreness is a general side effect that people experience but it may be due to other factors such as low vitamin D3 especially because you avoid the sun while you're on isotretinoin. Secondly you can take any supplement you want while on Isotretinoin as long as it isnt Vitamin A in retinol form, this means you can take Vitamin A Precursors and eat as many carrots as you want. You should be excited, because Isotretinoin is the most effective treatment agai
  9. Goodjob you went through a very strong course of Accutane it it most likely cured you for life now from Acne. But please after 240mg/kg are you seriously wanting to buy exfoliants and peels?? Your skin is probably pretty severely dry from all that accutane and the red marks will fade away if you dont touch them and dont apply any stupid cream that irritates it. If the red marks really irritate you then use hydrocortisone cream or ointment on them and they will fade away in like a week. But
  10. What's the difference between that and tretinoin? Because I'm on that already and have been since the beginning of the year. Isotretinoin is Accutane, its a tablet you take with food and it basically internally fights acne by shutting down the oil production in pores and it shrinks your pores and also makes skin cells renew faster or something so your pores dont get blocked.
  11. I dont get it, why dont u just go on Isotretinoin? Are you afraid of the side effects? I am telling you all your Acne will vanish on Isotretinoin, that stuff is really effective and cures Acne if taken properly. Some people only have dry skin and lips as their side effects and nothing more.
  12. Have you heard of low dose isotretinoin for Acne? Your acne seems to be caused by large pores and sebum from the pictures, your pores are pretty big so I would recommend low dose isotretinoin 20-30mg a day for 4 months would be enough for you I think but im no doctor. Your Acne seems pretty moderate, but it seems like Isotretinoin would cure it completely perhaps for the rest of your life. If I was you I would take Isotretinoin and a D3 5000 iu supplement daily with a fatty meal.... trust me
  13. Ok, some of this is speculation but it makes complete and total sense logically if you think about it. I really think this is as accurate as it gets. Acne is said to be caused by all kinds of things, which is true but the real final real root reason humans get it is because your body fails to communicate with the skin, your body meaning your hormones and immune system fail to communicate with the skin and that is why Acne exists otherwise it wouldnt. Hormones is what causes and stimulates
  14. Eggs are like steroids, they raise hormones really easily. But on the other hand, eggs can also fight acne, it has Vitamin A, D, E and zinc all which help reduce Acne In the end everybody is different, the one thing that breaks me out is sugar and masturbation basically. Every food has the possibility to increase Acne breakouts because every individual is different... I know people who swear that they get less Acne when they eat more eggs and drink more milk.... so?? It really depends on