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  1. any updates on your skin from using tretinoin? debating if i should start using or not?
  2. someone please help me. i have had this on going problem for about 3 weeks now. i visited the dermatologist and she advised me that they were white heads and there was nothing i could really do about it. she prescribed me epiduo and a oral treatment. i kind of felt rushed in her office and she told e anything just so she could see the next patient? has anyone had a similar problem? the bump are in clusters. small, hard and flakey. it certain light they don't look too bad but it some lights it lo
  3. madmax91

    my current problem

    if anyone knows what this is please help my forehead has been covered in small hard flexed colored for 3 weeks now. sometimes i feel like its getting better and sometimes i really can't tell if its getting better or worse. visited dermatologist and she said it was white heads? i think i need a second opinion