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  1. THEREALCURE gets his info from an anti-science anti-evolution biblethumper site that is based on anecdotal evidence of a jesus freak and his wife. What do you guys expect?
  2. Cure for acne found, say scientists pretty cool isn't it? I thought Id post it here just cause I always check the nutrition section, lol....
  3. ya sugar/carbs/insulin seem to be the bad-guys doesn't matter if they are whole wheat, low gi, full of fiber and magic...they are still going to mess you up somehow what you have to make sure is that when you go on an extremely low or no-carb-no-sugar diet, is to eat large amounts of fat, otherwise the diet won't work. you can't last long on just lean meat/protein and veggies...its been tried before, it doesn't work. eat something like 60%fat 40% protein or maybe 80% fat 20% protein.... car
  4. do you weight lift doing this? its more or less known that you need enough carbs to do your best lifting and to get best results.
  5. really low or no carbs, specially no starchy carbs like potatoes, no sugar, no fruits, no peanuts, only veggies, or flax seeds. high fat high protein for breakfast, go for eggs and meat lunch, meat and fat then snack on some fat then for dinner eat some more meat and more fat then snack on some meat and fat throw some veggies in there for fun for fun sources of fat, drink coconut milk (the fatty kind) and whipping cream, mix them with your coffee or protein shakes or something get plenty of e
  6. it doesn't have a bad taste, or a great taste, it's somewhere in the middle. :dance: Its pretty neutral tasting actually, it depends what you add it to. I put it in my yogurt sometimes, it gives it a cool texture, kinda crunchy. its also fairly cheap, i forgot to mention, i think i got like 2lbs for 4bucks... lol
  7. omg. http://www.rsquare.com/images/powerflax_soy_large2.jpg I've been on this stuff and its amazing. Theres a normal version without the extra 4grams of soy protein, but I like my protein. Check out its freaken fat profile. ROFL! omega 3- 16g omega 6- 4g it has a 4:1 ratio!! look at that protein1!!!! 24 grams and the calories, 460calories per 100grams.! look at the carbs + fiber count : 34carbs with 27fiber!! Its also gluten, egg, and dairy free! What I do is this, I prepare Brown
  8. This is what I've been doing, and it works for me. I replaced dairy milk with brown rice milk. I eat oat meal 2x a day (in a bit of rice milk and water). Brown rice, with some meat (ground beef, chicken, fish) 3x a day and a light amount of fruit, and a moderate amount of raw vegetables. And I drink a protein shake 3x a day. It has only 4carbs and 0 sugar, but it tastes sweet and good. No dairy / cheese. No fast food, sugary drinks, sweet foods, no vegetable oils, I use coconut oil