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    Hey all, I'm looking for new suggestions here. After what I did this past week, I'm actually now completely out of ideas to try. I'm gonna give you the run down of what products and programs I've tried. If you don't see something on there, please offer it up for a possible suggestion. Any and all suggestions are welcome. I'm male 27 had acne moderate to severe acne (with occasional cysts) since I was aprx 15 started with the standard otc products like oxy and other benzyl products, clearisil,
  2. thanks for the reply. arent you one of the mods? as long as you think its ok to have the med on a couple hours before bedtime, ill give that a try. i have these nice aloe napkins that i could give a try to blot up some of the oil. im on about day 4 and im starting to look pretty red... but it seems like the acne is drying up a bit which is nice. i look almost like i have a really bad sunburn. it looks kind of funny because im following the advice and avoiding around my eyes. so they look nice an
  3. Well... I finally decided to give this a try. I just came off of the tane for my 5th time. Didn't even make it 3 months before the breakouts started again. I'm waiting to get in to my dr to try the laser stuff. It's gonna be another 2 months or so before my apt, so I figure thats more than enough time to give the regimen a fair shake. The one thing I can't figure out is how Im supposed to get my workout in. Any suggestions would help. I like to do about 45 minutes on my elliptical and 100 sit up
  4. hey guys i just wanted to check back in. i have some bad news. i was taking my clear complex for about 2 weeks, and not only did i not notice any improvement... but i think i had an allergic reaction to it!!! i broke out in swollen and hard lymph nodes under my armpits from this stuff. it was for sure the purivol too cuz i wasnt taking anything else at the time. maybe too much zinc didn't sit well with my system. anyways i guess the good news is that my doctor gave me the go ahead to have acc
  5. As far as i understand it... Accutane is basically a mega-dose of vitamin a. If it isn't exactly that, then it is something that has very similar effects to it. So i guess what I'm suggesting is that an extremely low dose therapeutic regimen of Accutane (as in a lower dose than is currently in existence) may in fact be nothing more than the equivalent of taking the highest over the counter dose of vitamin a supplement with zinc. Anyone that can expand on that more please do so.
  6. i just got my purivol/clearcomplex or whatever you want to call it yesterday. im giving it a go. im in the midst of one of my worst outbreaks ever. so im not sure if im gonna be able to get an accurate read on this stuff for quite awhile cuz im going to be looking better in a couple days anyways. seriously... i can say that cuz im in one of those cant get any worse spirals right now. lol. i find thats always the best time to start a new med cuz you dont have to worry about that "initial outbreak
  7. My relationship with my high school girlfriend was completely destroyed when we went to college because my skin went crazy again. I was off accutane for about 2 years when I started college. I just couldn't get motivated to be social most of the time because of the way I looked. we ended up growing apart and eventually breaking up because of my anti social behavior. I don't blame her or anything because there is no way anyone that doesn't have to deal with this could understand what I was going
  8. hey guys, im 25 and gonna be 26 in november. i started getting acne when i was about 15. so im going on about 10 years of this bs. ill tell you what the worst part about this whole thing is. i dont think im breaking out more, or more severly, or in different places than i used to. the difference is, is that at some point, you skin decides it doesnt want to heal anymore. so before when i used to get maybe 10 or so cysts a month... they would all heal up in a couple of days or so. now im getting
  9. has anyone read this e-book? can you give me a brief run down of what his angle is? i dont particularly want to waste another $40 on another book if it is just another dude telling me to go on an apple fast. any info would be great. thanks.
  10. Dan never made this claim. He stated that the Regimen would do wonders for mild to moderate acne, but would suggest other methods for severe cases.
  11. ok... the secret is that we use LOTS of 2.5% bp? bwahahahahaha! are you serious man? thats the secret regimen dan? wtf do you think i did when i was a 16 yr old kid putting that shit on? who the hell really listens to the package and puts a "pea size amount on". NO ONE. i used to put that shit on a bottle at a time lol. so ok chief ive been putting on that much differin and retin a micro for the past year for gods sake and bp is supposed to do it? i cant believe what im reading. i go through a t
  12. Thank you ladies! I was able to find my old post and threads now. Im good to go now.
  13. I am new to the message boards here, but not message boards all together. I have used IMDB frequently and love the feature they have on their boards where you can simply click on your user name hotlink, and it will show you a listing of all the posts you have made or replied to in the reasonable past. My question is this: is there any such feature on this board? I have searched high and low with no luck. I dont want to search back through hundreds and hundreds of threads to find mine! argh! any