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  1. Skin turned orangey??

    I don't mind this moisteriser, no major issues with it's moisterising, however when my son's skin was getting really dry and peeling, i advised him to put lots of this on throughout the day. I soon noticed that his skin was starting to look kind of orangey. We changed moisterisers and a few days later his skin lost that funny colour. I know they say it doesnt discolour the skin....but its strange that he stopped it and that colour went away.
  2. My son just started it about a week ago (half AHA half moisteriser) and after three days his skin was burning and a bit red. I'm sure this would have been temporary while his skin adjusts but I felt it was better for him to stop, wait till his skin calms down, then start again...but using much less AHA and only doing every couple of days. He stopped 4 days ago and his skin is still feeling really tight. I do think it's a good product though - Ive been using it too, but cause I've been using a gl
  3. My son is just starting week 8 on the regimen and although we are now only just beginning to see some imorovement, his face has become red like a sunburn over the past few days.The only thing i can think of is that he just introduced the AHA earlier this week. He was doing half AHA and half moisturiser every night for about 4 nights and was experiencing quite a lot if stinging even diluting it like this. I have advised him to stop the AHA for now and see if his skin calms down. Any advice would
  4. I will be ordering the acne.org jojoba oil this week for my son who is just beginning week 8 of the regimen and still experiencing a lot of flaking etc. Since this will take just over a week to arrive here in N.Z, I just wondered if buying another local organic jojoba oil in the meantime would be ok? Are they all pretty much the same? I dont want to add anything that may cause more breakouts.
  5. My 17 year old son has just finished week 7 of the regimen and added in the AHA a week ago. One side of his face has shown some clearing, and a bit on the otger side, but the chin area on one side still has some active stuff, he's also had new breakouts around forehead hairline and middle of forehead above nose.His face also looks a bit pink. Should we keep going?
  6. Thanks so much for your reply When you say it wasn't until you found the right products does that mean you didnt use Dan's products?
  7. Just wondering generally how long you guys took to see improvement in severe acne. My son is coming to end end of week 5 and while it might not be worse, it's not much better. I have read the 'what to expect' timeline, but i just wanted to hear from real people about how it was for them. Thanks so much!
  8. I've just added the acne.org moisteriser to my sons routine (he has been using the cleanser and treatment for 4 weeks, but a different moisteriser) but after reading the reviews I'm really worried that he is going to react badly to it. Many people on the reviews mentioned that the formulation was changed at some point and said the old formulation was better....so is the current one the new formulation or did it ever get changed back to the old one?
  9. Just further to my post about introducing the AHA to my 17 year old sons routine. As mentioned he's been on the regimen for 4 weeks and still battling breakouts. I have yet to order the AHA cream but I have an excellent AHA cleanser which has kept me clear for years and Im wondering if in the meantime he could mix a little bit of this into his acne.org cleanser once per day? It's 12% strength I think so i thought just using a little bit could gradually get his skin used to it. What do you thin
  10. My 17 year old son has been doing the regimen for 4 weeks now. Although the sides of his face started clearing after about week 2, he started breaking out around his chin and lower face area pretty bad so he's getting frustrated that its not working and wants to give up. I know that you are supposed to introduce the AHA after a month, so I just want to know if its still ok given that he's not significantly clearer yet? Also, he has used the regimen before with good results but this time he start
  11. Hi, I've never had a strong belief that diet played much of a role in acne (from my own experience) but I just wondered what you guys thought about the effect of energy drinks such as Monster and Rockstar on acne. My son's skin was looking quite good for a while but has flared up over the past few months and one of the changes during that time is that he started a full time job and started drinking 1-2 energy drinks every day. He's started the regimen again and is on week three and although he's