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  1. This stuff works! There is nothing more to say. Ambi breaks me out HORRIBLY and because of this leaves me with more scars than I started with. I am also Black/Mixed and because of my black and mixed ethnic heritage - I tend to be more olive/yellow/golden which means one thing - MY MARKS LOOK DARKER THAN EVERYONE ELSE'S THAT I KNOW!!! (...I have black marks on light skin - which sucks. Black Opal is one of the only products that ever helped with this issue while also NOT breaking me out (I am
  2. Monave NEVER makes people break out...did you check out your moisturizer/toner/soap, etc. - (whatever you use with or just before the makeup)... Sometimes what you mix with certain mineral foundation is the culprit (from experience)... I do NOT work for Monave but I have used EVERYTHING else and the only thing that I like as much or almost as much is La Bella Donna (try $45.00 a pop) and Youngblood - (colors are not very yellow though - and I am NOT pink). I have terrible skin - VERY oily
  3. NO - Monave will not make you shiny. There is an ingredient called MICA that some mineral foundations use. It is NOT found in Monave. Monave will give you a healthy glow - but NO shine. I am extremely oily and acne prone. I think if you go to the links for Monave and for their forum that I already suggested - you will find your anwsers regarding color. You likely need a neutral toned makeup - since you are not yellow - yellow might look funny unless it is done just right...neutral has both
  4. PS: Monave and La Bella Donna make the prettiest mineral blushes by far - great tones - lots of options - and La Bella Donna even makes a cream mineral blush which I LOVE in color: Giovanna...try them both out (samples).
  5. Hi! Because you are pale and likely have more pink or neutral undertones, You should order the light sample set (like the first four or five colors listed). Tell Deb (the person who sends the orders) what colors you wear in other lines and what your undertones are. I have a link to s Monave discussion site that might help you choose a color. Other Monave wearers who have switched from other lines (self included) tell what colors we wore in other mineral and general lines and what our under
  6. OK People!!! Here is the real! *Please see my previous post for more information. Mineral Makeup Mistakes (in response to some of your posts). 1. Use the Correct Brushes to Apply AND make sure you are using the correct color with the correct undertone. The trick here is a perfect or close to perfect match (not lighter, not a fake tan, just a match), with the correct undertones...You have either yellow, olive, golden, red, pink, or some combination of two or more of the above unde
  7. Jane Iredale does not provide much coverage and is very limited in color option in their loose (you must use pressed - which gives barely any coverage - even with her expensive Handi brush). It also has an ingredient that can sometimes cause you to itch. Two more sites to try out: www.susanposnick.com (more good makeup) and www.makeupalley.com (check out their reviews of all mineral cosmetics...avoid Bare Minerals...) OK - now I'm done...
  8. For Monave go to this link: http://www.monave.com/samples.html or http://www.monave.com/purchasesamples.html - you won't find better or cheaper samples - Monave gives you much more than $5.00 worth - the additional $5.00 is for shipping. Compare this to what you spent on Aromaleigh...Tell Deb, at Monave that Tamira referred you. I am a repeat customer so she knows me...and they have excellent customer service. For La Bella Donna - you must call Bergdorf Goodman (www.bergdorfgoodman.com) - a
  9. I am a mineral makeup freak and have tried them all...Monave (www.monave.com) is the best. They will send large sample pots for MUCH cheaper then Aromaleigh ($10.00 gets you five sample colors INCLUDING shipping -unlike Aromaleigh - which runs at least $13.00 or more for just a few samples). Aromaleigh can get really cakey and tends to be chalky. The second choice would be La Bella Donna (www.labelladonna.com) - but Monave has more color selection and is much less expensive. La Bella Don