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  1. I FINALLY decided to stop taking my Derms word for everything and see an Endocrinologist. I just realized that the Spironolactone is the culprit behind major weight gain and cellulite development for me and despite clearing my (hormonal) acne it's made me bloated and uncomfortable in my own skin. I have a family history of thyroid issues and have been on birth control for 15 years. Are there any tips I should know to make the most of my Endo appointment? I want to maximize the appointment.
  2. A light bulb just went off and I finally realized what has caused the weight gain and cellulite I've developed over the last few months ---- SPIRO! I was at 75mg a day and was sleeping at my desk after 3 coffees, passed out at 9PM on a Saturday night, have visible cellulite (like look down from above and can see FAT under my skin). I finally put it together that the only thing new in my life is Spiro. I cannot possibly eat less than I do right now and coupled with birth control (LoMedia 24) I