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  1. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  2. My derm gave me tazorac and I am now almost done with my last month of accutane.. I am pretty much clear and may get a tiny pimple or two here or there but I was wondering if tazorac will cause me to break out or increase the redness on my face or things like that because I really dont want to go through that again. Have any of you been on tazorac after accutane and if so how was it? The derm said I will be on it for the rest of my life-recommended she said. Thanks -Tyler
  3. yes. People kinda tell me that alot but it doesnt phase me. As long as I know whats what than im good.
  4. Is it ok to put vitamin C cream on my face while im on Accutane?
  5. I cleared up big time when i was out in the sun last summer but it didnt stay that way....hmmmmmmmm
  6. I'd much rather have scars than white and red big ass bumps on my face....just me
  7. When it gets warmer do people tend to break out more??? I just got my first or second zit of the year and that sucked!
  8. Pick an actor or an actress or singer or whatever and let it be one whom you think is attractive and then put acne on them. Still attractive?? They are to me
  9. lol You have a girl and wont go to her house because of acne....wow. If she is your girl than obviously she doesnt care too much right?
  10. Yeah At school I hang around and talk and do my thing there but when I get home I do my own thing. I like it better that way. It gives me peace and free time and what not.
  11. True. I myself choose my friends carefully as with many people. I make sure that they, for the most part, would be a good person rather than one whom isnt such as one who fights and steals all the time etc etc. I am a class clown usually so thats kinda ok I guess. I make the class laugh at least once everytime we have class.....not that that has to do anything. My "friends" are more like aquantinces (spelled wrong). Thats just the way it is and I like it. I talk to many people but I doubt any of
  12. Because if you dont get passed hating yourself you will begin to hate life altogether. You wont enjoy it or do the things many people with acne should be able to do without worrying about how they look ALLLL the time. Sure my acne bothers me every now and then but I dont let it get in my way of doing what I like to do. I actually have pretty much just scars on my face and a little redness BUT I did have severeeeee acne yet I tried my best to overcome it and accomplished it 100 percent.
  13. Definetly women...DEFINETLY! Alot of them have very nice skin and when one little pimple comes up they freak out like crazy and tell their friends how horrible they feel and look and what not. Guys usually dont freak out over one pimple.
  14. Usually I walk up to them or hang close to them and talk to them or the people around them and then they are bound to get involved in my conversation.....kinda like this morning with me.
  15. I like the night alot better...Just because of "the moment"...peace...tiredness...I like it.
  16. Face was so bad I couldnt even tell! lol Now I have alotta scars and maybe a pimple or two but the scars and redness really do suck....At least bumps dont consume my face anymore
  17. Talking to the opposite sex with a face like mine!!?!?!?! HEck, anybody could do it if I can. Well....I can do it because of the way I am I guess but still I have a scarred and red face so it is tough but I gotta make the best of situations like mine and you all should too. You'll never know if you have serious problems unless you try talking to a few people of the opposite sex and see how they react. You'll be suprised many of them dont really care ALOT but they do care and they may not want to