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  1. hey man. im following your progress. things will soon look up. im nearly 3 months in and my skin is still really bad. its not as inflammed as yours but just as red and spread all on my cheeks and some on forehead not much though. marylin manson did some good music, im not really into heavy music. but the album mechanical animals is a great album and i think people just get the wrong idea about the bloke. i listen to music like the cure the smiths velvet underground james bjork tom waits air wond
  2. Its true what people are saying about you being confident putting pitures up. i didnt post any for the first two month of tane because my intial break out was so bad, even though im not ever going to meet any one on here, still didnt want to do it. i used Bp last week and it just made my skin real dry.............like too dry and no matter how much i moisturized it stayed dry , so i would hold back on the bp. i use sudocrem on the kinda spots that are like cuts if you know what i mean, and that