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  1. My acne started clearing up around the time I turned 19 and it is mostly gone now (just turned 20) and all I do is give my face a quick rinse mostly every night with just water. If I did something where I got dirty I will soap my face but otherwise I don't worry about it. I found getting outside helps my complexion a lot. I kind of just wash my face when it gets that gunky feeling, otherwise I don't really mess with it. I have seborrhiec dermatitis though so for whatever reason that flares u
  2. yup try switching to a natural toothpaste and it will most likely get rid of the problem. definitely dont keep going without brushing your teeth though lol
  3. I always felt like after brushing my teeth before I go to sleep I would wake up the next day with a few new pimples sprouting on my chin/front area of my cheek. It always was wierd to me that I would nto have acne on the rest of my face at all. So I started going like 3-4 days without brushing my teeth to see if anythign would happen. My acne started to get much better, and a couple times it was darn near completly gone. I wanted to validate this occurence with some sort of medical documenta
  4. You might want to go see a dermatologist and see if they can help you. But It kind of sounds like your skin is still recovering so I would be hesitant to try any chemicals the derm might tell you to put on your face. I think patience is the best way to approach this. I remember when I gave up the DKR for a water only no creams/scrubs regimen. For about a week my skin was flawless then I got a nasty breakout which slowly began subsiding. I think it took me about 4 months before my skin was r
  5. As the title says I drool in my sleep. I sleep on my back and my head tends to lean a little to my right side. I rarely get acne anywhere except on my lower right jaw and chin area. I occasionally get acne on the left side of my face and when I do its in the lower jaw and chin area. I salivate a lot it seems like when I am awake and just going about my day. Even if I just ate myself to the point of exploding after like a half an hour I will be salivating for no reason. When I wake up I oft
  6. I have seborrheic Dermatitis and am thinking about getting the ZNP bar to help control the flare ups I get during Finals and what not, College is fun . I mostly wash my face with water only since I have sensitive skin. I can use very mild soaps on my face without breaking out. Recently the flakiness has been persistent and I am looking at ways of treating it. I am just a little concerned whether the ZNP bar would be safe to use on my face.
  7. I searched the side effects of ketoconazole Cream and it can cause burning,redness, and irritation. I found a post on another forum about a guy experiencing problems much like mine with increased redness and some light acne like lesions near the sideburn area while using ketoconazole cream. I think I am going to stop using it for a little while and see if the redness/itchy blemishes go away even thouhg I know my Sd is probably going to freak out. But yeah, like the title says, has anyone else
  8. I have some concerns and questions that hopefully someone in this forum can answer and explain. I was offically diagnosed with SD about 2.5 months ago although I can remember having symptoms for about 1.5 years ago. Before I was diagnosed my doctor thought it might be Eczema and perscribed me 2% hydrocortisone. I used it about once day for 1.5 months. I found out it could cause dependency and quit using it all together. For about 2.5 weeks after quiting it and using no other products except
  9. I don't know if eczema occurs with a red looking rash or not. I jsut know that if you have eczema your skin will flake and be itchy.
  10. I think it's a reaction to something in the sunscreen or the sunscreen is blocking pores or something. Does it hurt or anything when you touch it? What do the bumps feel like?
  11. I don't know if the washcloth was irritating me or not. It never seemed to make my skin inflamed or anything. I have tried going without the washcloth and all that happened was alot of dead skin built up and didn't go away. I have been using this Hydrocortisone cream for like 3-4 days now and my skin is improving drastically. It doesn't flake much at all. I might try the letting my face air dry. That sounds like a good idea for an eczema prone area. It was just wierd becaues I have never
  12. I posted a little while ago about having excessive dry skin on my face. I decided to go to the doctor to have them check up on it and I was kind of shocked. I had been just exfoliating the dead skin cells with a washcloth for many months and never really thought twice about it. I could go like 1-2 days without using the washcloth before it started to build up. After explaining it all ot my doctor she said it definently sounded like eczema or something related/more severe and perscribed me so
  13. How do you exfoliate? Do you use any moisturizer? Because it could be the moisturizer irritating your skin.