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  1. popopduop

    A Simple fast FREE regime!!

    hmmm....I have been using the highest temp. possible. Maybe that's my problem. :wall: its just a suggestion, im no acne expert.
  2. popopduop

    A Simple fast FREE regime!!

    For those that were having trouble a few weeks in to their dipping regime.. maybe your water was TOO hot and was causing healthy skin to die. And we all know dead skin cells contribute to acne by clogging pores. Maybe these dead skin cells take some time to work their way into pores and cause pimples. I dont know, it seems logical to me. I'm only on day two and my skin is already looking better.
  3. popopduop

    Wanna trade lives?

    virtuallearning.ca is the way to go
  4. popopduop

    spots galore

    If i ever bump into you on the streets in t.o, were doing it right there on the sidewalk.
  5. popopduop


  6. That's the spirit! holy shit your smokin hot, maybe thats why it burst.
  7. ok I think i mighta just burst a blood vesseel in my brain from channeling my energy so much
  8. popopduop

    A Simple fast FREE regime!!

    Ok so i just started this morning, and finished my 2nd dip about an hour ago, and my face is really really REALLLY dry, its already starting to flake a little and its very itchy
  9. Ummm, I am now not sure about my sexuality. How do I know? Do you enjoy guy on guy porn? guy on guy, ya guy on girl, ya too. girl on girl, nope. lol I think that might be a sign.
  10. popopduop


    does it have to be that certain type of vinegar? I mean i got like 5 different vinegars in my fridge but none of them say anything about apples. Theres clear vinegar with no label, balsamic vinegar, and some brown vinegar. I do have baking soda and eggs but no BP or any acne medication as I lost my bag with all my proactive stuff (oh ya dont try proactive it SUCKS).
  11. popopduop

    A Simple fast FREE regime!!

    :lol: that might be a little tough to do.
  12. popopduop


    Oh fucking please, I have far worse acne then this bozo and I dont go whining to people daily and trying to get them to feel sorry for me. Its fucking selfish to take your life because you do have people that love you regardless of what you think. Appearance is one thing in life that is highly overrated and you "Sad Clown/Who_Am_I" need to fucking grow up and stop being selfish. Its absolutely disgusting that you'd think of such things and I for a second do not feel sorry for you, because you lo
  13. popopduop

    Dear oh dear!

    Lol, I have the same problem man. I just started seeing this girl who has absolutely fucking beautiful skin and here I am with shitty acne all over the place, she wants to cut my hair as well and I have some pretty bad acne on my hairline (i have long hair which is covering it, probably also making it worse). I think if shes really a good person and someone you want to see for a long time, then she wont care about your acne as much as you do, and if shes already noticed it, she obviously noticed
  14. popopduop

    Weird bumps

    gross jelly stuff? do you mean regular puss of a white head? or does it look like something the medication could of produced
  15. popopduop

    A Simple fast FREE regime!!

    For the guy whining about the chemicals in water and everything, Why don't some of you try boiling your water first, it takes 2 minutes or so on the stove, then just let it cool down to the point where u can dip your face into it? Boiling kills everything in it, I'm sure boiled water would be much much better for the skin then regular tap water sitting in a sink where tonnes of germs lie, hell ive even puked into my sink a few times.
  16. popopduop


    where the hell is the acne
  17. I think ill do this dipping method for a week or so before I start rolling my anti persprint on my face.. I mean what if somebody borrows it and uses it on their armpits and then I roll it on my face ?? And to everyone thats using it and is allegedly pimple free... how bad was your acne before this? Mine is moderate to severe so If you guys only had like a few tiny pimples here and there before then I'm not suprised its working.
  18. popopduop

    A Simple fast FREE regime!!

    Is it okay to just put in regular table salt into the sink along with the hot water? Then do the dip?
  19. popopduop

    Cyst "popping" thread!

    lol worlds biggest zit
  20. popopduop

    A Simple fast FREE regime!!

    I joined to keep you updated on my progress, I have moderate to severe acne, I thought id give this a try because I know it couldint make it any worse, and if It did, woopdy do its not like im going outside anytime soon anyway lol. Well I gave it a try about two hours ago, and I LOVED IT. It was so relaxing to just let your face sit there in a bowl of hot water, I'm going to call it the paradise bowl. After taking it out, my entire face was pretty red, but after 30 seconds that went about and my