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  1. Alternate dermarolling/dermastamping and 15-25% TCA peels every two weeks for six months.
  2. I don't even think your scars are deep enough for subcision. Just try dermastamping and TCA peels for at least six months before you do any procedure.
  3. No, it can't always fix it. Everyone on these boards preach that this product works, and needling will get rid of your scars, and subcision is gold, but that's not always the case. There are instances where they may work well for someone's scarring, but I don't think that is the norm. There are very few examples on the site of people being happy that there scarring is gone. I know I'm being pessimistic, but I just don't want you to get your hopes up that you will be able to fix severe scarring,
  4. I went to a dermatologist today for a consultation and he told me I had icepick scars. He recommended filler, but I was hesitant because I don't want to have to go back every several months to refill them. I would like a permanent solution but don't we all. He told me silicone is permanent, but I was still kind of hesitant. He said a combination of saline and subcision could also be successful. Have you guys had any success with filler or saline and subcision for icepicks? Do you think needling
  5. What is the downtime for subcision? How long before I can go back to work and be seen in public? Thanks.
  6. Your results look amazing. Never seen results this good strictly from laser.
  7. Factoid, there have been several people who come on here without any significant scarring improvement after doing many needling treatments. I am one of those people. In fact, I have seen much more people on here saying they get minimal improvement than great results from needling. It might help superficial scarring, but it's a sham for anything more severe.
  8. I'm going to try doing TCA peels from MUAC and hope for the best.
  9. I meant dermastamping, not dermarolling. Just needling in general didn't work for me.
  10. I dermarolled for one year, once a month, 2.0 length till I was bloody, using copper peptides, and saw no improvement on boxcar and rolling scars. I just want people to be realistic that it might not work for them, since everyone seems to be advising this course of action. Good luck
  11. I had subcision done on boxcar scars and saw no improvement. It is only good for pitted scars I believe.