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Wanted to like it :(
So sad, reAlly wanted to like it. It made my skin soft but I was getting cystic acne in places I never get, like my forehead. I used first only during the day, a few drops and pat in and that went on for about a month and a half. Twice a day the second month but it just didnt help. Once I stopped, I only got the acne on my chin where it normally is

By Exning,

Did not work
I really wanted to like this! It made me lose weight which was nice but I also lost my period and its been 2 months without it which is concerning. I only took it for 2 months but I didnt want to risk screwing anything up since I wont have medical insurance for another few weeks. Didnt help with oiliness. i was taking 250mg twice a day with pygeum

By Exning,

Not for me
Spiro gave me awful breakouts until I hit 100mg which took 4 months. It spread to my cheeks and really took a toll on me. But after 100mg within a week I noticed i stopped breaking out. HOWEVER at the same time, side effects hit me. I told myself in the beginning I would handle the side effects but it was too much. I felt weak, I couldnt exercise, I couldnt hold a conversation. I felt so awful, my heart was beating so fast that I thought maybe my birth control (yaz, which im off now too) was g

By Exning,

Not full coverage but no breakout
One of the few foundations that didnt break me out. But it doesnt last all day and you still need a concealer. Also, I didnt use a primer and it ended up looking not blended in quite well throughout the day

By Exning,