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  1. So, my skin is cystic acne free! What the heck? I know, its been a longroad
    I cut out all grains due to my new diet for my newest diagnosis: sibo. SIBO. Yes look into it. Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. I also finally got stoll testing and had PARASITES. No wonder i feel so shitty all the time. It was and wasnt because of my hormones. My hormonal acne was due to my stomach! I also started with a Cos rx cleanser and rosehip oil. Still use makeup (minimal) and really nothing else. Jesus!


  2. Topical green tea? Where can we find something like that?
  3. Yep mine was at its worst for about 2-3 months. Stick with it! Its been 5 months for me and im just finally seeing results
  4. Chest pains have subsided. I just get weird asthma now and then. 5 months in..still have acne but its not AS cycstic and inflamed. Still no period
  5. Just wanted to add, ive been on spiro for 5 months with no period. I was regular beforehand
  6. Hey there! I thought id update after a few years haha. after I stopped taking spiro due to side effects nothing else helped. I tried dieting, different face washes, diff supplements. I moved states, decreased stress, etc I got hormones tested, thyroid, all sort ms of stuff and oddly it came back normal when before they havent. Still had cystic acne. One thing i did find out was i have Sibo which ill start figuring out in a few weeks since it requires some strict food and meds. Anyway Im on
  7. Spironactone alters androgens, once you get off it, it goes back to how it was from what i understand. So, youd have to be on it forever or until your hormones balance out
  8. "Organic" dairy still has cow hormones. It just means they were fed organic feed. Theres tons of options like coconut yogurt (so delicious makes a no sugar one). Im gf dairy free due to allergies
  9. Thats sucha wonderful improvement! Unfortunately, yasmin made my acne100 times worse. I finally gave up after 8 months and cerave burned my skin. Haha
  10. I doubt its the cause as well, unless maybe youre allergic to a filler they added? Lysine usually helps some for acne, its just an amino acid
  11. Everyone is different. If you have an allergy to oats or soy, it may or may not mess with your skin
  12. Exning

    Wanted to like it :(

    Wanted to like it :(

    So sad, reAlly wanted to like it. It made my skin soft but I was getting cystic acne in places I never get, like my forehead. I used first only during the day, a few drops and pat in and that went on for about a month and a half. Twice a day the second month but it just didnt help. Once I stopped, I only got the acne on my chin where it normally is
  13. Lots of threads in the hormonal acne group and oily skin group..
  14. Very interesting! Have you seen the dermatologist yet? What did he/she say?