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  1. Im not in a position where my acne has cleared but im curious to no how people cope with the pits and scars of acne after it has gone. Do people still have major confidence problems once the acne has gone.I no i am still going to have horrible skin once it all over and probably wont be able to afford surgery! Any thoughts ? Tom
  2. cool cheers guys ! you can also get it at www.pharmacy2u.co.uk
  3. I just ordered some of that cream actually ! Thanks for the help Tom
  4. Has anyone tried 'Eucerin Dry Skin Relief Cream' as im thinking of trying it?
  5. I have been using vitamin E moisturiser but this isnt good enough when using BP i have reduced the amount im using now and tried to keep it to the problem areas, so il see how it goes !
  6. i started using BP over a week ago and my skin is getting very dry and tight even with moisturiser (horrible feeling) when i smile i have loads of wrinkles. But seeing as BP has such adrying affect then does it not encourage the skin to produce extra oil to compensate? Tom
  7. prsnst

    Me at my clearest

    9 months after Roaccutane just before my acne started to return
  8. Im feeling pretty lonely too ! Its the end of my first semester 2day and everybody has gone out tonight to celebrate, i wish i had gone too !
  9. Lol i never imagined they might be thinking i was a mutant ! My powers of acne dont really compare to the powers of the mutants in X-Men
  10. You look gorgeous to me ! You shouldnt worry bout your skin it looks fantastic. Tom
  11. If I see someone from my past who I haven’t seen for years I will sometimes try and avoid them, purely because I feel like I should have grown out of acne in the years since i last saw them. Strange to think that there are so many people who have never known me without acne. Does anyone else do this ?
  12. Ive been taking B5 since last september, for the first three months i took B5 in the form of 'Vilantae'brand, but now ive swithched to the normal B5. I took like a high does for the first three months and now in taking about 6/7 pills a day. The B5 does help reduce oily skin and possibly for that fact reduces the acne slightly but it is no cure and it doesnt reduce scars as far as i can tell. Good luck
  13. On the rare occasion i go out some of the girls bring a camera and take photos of the night. i Absolutely hate this esspecially when im feeling so self consious, but they insist on me being in the photo.Flash photography does no favours, just hope i never see the photos
  14. What happens to our oversized pores when we eventually get rid of acne do they stay massive for the rest of our lives?