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  1. I'm seriously contemplating suicide. I have had moderate to severe acne, now about 60% improved. But I have horrendous acne scarring. Horrendous red marks everywhere on my face, not a single patch of skin is spared. And severe pitting on my cheeks and jaw and chin. I have had active acne on my forehead and jawline, the same exact spots on my face, for over a month now. They seem to go down sometimes and then they just grow back up again. My point is, I am seriously contemplating suicide. I am v
  2. Persist beyond the initial two weeks and your acne will be cured.

    This has almost single handedly saved my life and my skin. I was on the brink of suicide with regards to my severe cystic acne and and even more severe scarring (pitting and red marks on my brown Indian skin). Nonetheless I ordered the AHA with some remaining glimmer of hope that ok let me try one last thing before I give up. On first use, this stung like hell and made my skin go beet red. But I could tell the texture of my skin was changing so I persisted. In the first week or two,
  3. First time poster. Long time admirer of the site. I really want to know, have any of you with moderate to severe acne actually genuinely found love, a relationship or marriage in your life? I know for sure guys notice my acne and although I do still get checked out and noticed by guys from time to time (I'm very good at covering up with makeup although it kills me inside everytime I have to wear my mask ) I am just not sure if it's possible to find a lasting relationship while you have acne