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  1. ah thank you for the lovely comment! i'm a month of it now and only had about 2 small spots. How is it going for you? If you need any advice i'm here.
  2. Hi all, This is my summary of accutane course start to finito! My course lasted 5 months to the day and finished yesterday. I started on 40mg for 30 days then 70mg for the remainder. Everyone seems to have different experiences, i aim to be neutral as unfortunately some people have very bad experiences and are biased against accutane. However accutane has saved me. I am confident. Do you know when your fod is covered in bumpy spots and youre in bad lighting and your mates want to take a p
  3. HI, its been a while! So im 4 months gone, my doctor was going to stop me after another 2 weeks but as i had 2 biggish red spots on fod and cheeks i have anotehr month instead. Which i was surprisingly happy about? He said i'd taken to the drug well! I hardly have an symptons and i forget im on it! The dry lips and nose are my only issue. My skin less oily so when cold makeup can go patchy. I just use heavy moisturizer. 1 tip would be use heavy cream like cetaphil on your face day and night/
  4. So week 13, it's gone quick. Ill be finish in 2 months according to derm! Positive experience all round. Symptons havent been as extreme as i anticipated. Dry lips and a dry inner nose is the only issues for me. Dry inner nose is sore and constant vaseline poking up my nose! Seems to have calmed down though Lips are fairly constant. But my skin in flawless except from odd spots i mean 1 or 2. Still have lots of scars but no bumpy oily spotty skin. Skin isn't dry. Just not exactly oily. I
  5. HI All, looking for advice taking accutane and alcohol?!
  6. ellgx

    month 2 accutane

    So i had my second dermatology appointment today staying on 70mg for duration. he said if i stick to 70mg i'll be done in 2.5 months making it a total of 4.5 months on it! The end is in sight! Basically now looking for advice on accutane and alcohol because well im having some rough hangovers??
  7. Day 52, 4 days til my second monthly dermatogoly appointment. Ok, so now the inside of my right nostril is dry as heck it is quite irratining and a little senstive unpleasent, ive tried the vaseline up the nose trick, but it is a very temporary soothing. It is a hard sympton to get on top of and i have had a few nose bleeds. It is very livable though and a lot of my little pimples that covered the nice skin of my forehead have disappeared. Still geting a few under the skin big spots, w
  8. Day 1-30 40mg Day 30-44 (now) 70mg. I have started to get back pain which i realy didnt think i'd get i am stiff and sore excerise is slightly harder especially toning exercises. Liveable though. Dry lips ongoing. I can't believe i've been taking accutane for 44 days! That has flow. Regarding my skin, no breakouts. A few spots and pimples here and there clearest i've probaly seen it! Scars and small pimples are my main issue which blackheads on my chin.
  9. ellgx

    70mg OMG

    day 4 on 70mg! now a month on 40mg looks easy!! Ok so from day 1 on 70mg my lips were even drier- more lip balm. Elzabeth Arden 8 hour cream is my saviour for dry skin! I use on my lips and around my eyes for dry skin. Eyes are dry but it is saving me Skin is a bit more dry and dull but no flaking or anything just whacking on the cetaphil moisturiser day and night with the elemis collagen cleanser which seems to work in preventing and nice on skin! I still ha dno initial breakout, couple of hor
  10. ellgx

    Dry Skin

    Ok so tonight i go from 40mg a day to 70mg a day 4 pills a day! Any advice for dry skin?
  11. ellgx

    Higher Dosage

    Ok so 1 month on accutane i went back to my doctor. Struggling with dry lips thats it on a month of 40mg. On Friday i will start on my revised dosage of 70mg. Safe to say i'm shitting one! Any advice welcome. I am scared of the dry skin now almost double my dose!!! Let you know how i get on
  12. I have had acne since age 10! It is mainly hormonal and oily spots. I basically been on anti-biotic for 6 year trying to treat it but its persistent! My acne compared to some cases ive seen is mild. I have lots of little pimps on my forehead, cheeks, and breakout regularly in some puss spots but no cysts etc. However i thought i'd grow out of acne but 8 years on it's still persistent! I always denied accutane as i was young and didn't want to deal with the side effects like dry skin and mood swi
  13. i see im quite tall! been taking it for a week now haven't noticed any sides effects especially the scary dry skin! If anything skin is just a little less oily which is good and spots are clearing on my forehead so i'm happy for now just anxious! how are you getting on?
  14. HI- yeah! Will take a pic tomorrow and pop one on for you having a great time on it! Ill be staring Accutane in the next week or so. Glad to see your having such an easy time with it! Sounds like you started clearing up really quickly! Having an amazing time with it- so nice to wake up every morning with soft clear skin and not worrying about the next break out! Yeah- started clearing really quickly! Hope it goes the same for you- be sure to update which dosage are you starting on? Oh ye
  15. Oh yeah 100%! I'm having fun trying out loads of skincare, I usually spend a lot but i'm really enjoying Cetaphil cleanser and a lot of stuff from the Body Shop. Maybe try the Aloe range (good for scars) or the Vitamin E (super moisturising)- their skincare has really helped my skin look super healthy! You'll be fine to wear make up 100%! Its not THAT bad, i just like a dewy look. Bare minerals powder Blemish Remedy foundation has saved me- doesn't sink into dryness at all! Love it! How much