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  1. I have side effects from Accutane for 4 years, my IGF-1 shows up low in blood test... its been 4 years and i only used 4 PILLS! experiencing low semen volume.. Is there a any chance that 4 pills lowered my IGF-1 levels PERMANENTLY? They say it can heal up over time, the hormone i mean. Is there any chance that 4 pills stunted my growth? (took it in 16, now im 20 and still low semen volume)
  2. I live in Izmir. Struct please contact with me. For how long do you experience this side effect? Do you have also other side effects? What about your orgasms intensity and erections if you be able to achieve it somehow?
  3. Aslan, have you experienced any other side effects? Erection quality loss? Testicle shrinkage? Orgasm intensity or libido loss? Any of them? I never seen anyone like me with just one isolated sexual side effect. Whoever i talk, they say they have erection problems in addition to problems like low semen volume. But i believe i only have semen volume issue. Please describe your story in a more detailed way. Thanks.
  4. Have you resolved your shrinkage problems? PM me, i have some answers. We are similar.

    1. Hi, are you from Turkey? I am too from Turkey. Years after this post, now i start to getting dull orgasms. Actually, they were there at the beginning but i just didn't notice them before. Now my semen volume is still not in a normal range and im having half-pleasure orgasms. Have you ever experienced these too? please pm me. Thanks!! Hi, david, what are you doing? Are you fine now? Pm me pls, sorry for my late response..
    2. I feel sorry about you , kinda dark story. But what you mean by saying hopped on HGH ? im still 18 so i have my last chance to grow my height , do you mean is there any pills which boost growing ? do you mean growing hormone supplements ? also one last question ; is there any possibility that accutane caused me a low growing with only 4 days of usage ?? i still have low semen volume because of 4 days of usage. So , is it also could affect my height ? I read that Accutane kills the pituatry grand
    3. Guys i talked with a Accutane Victim. He is a Doctor !! thats a pretty useful coincidance.. And i learned the problem !!! listen me up ! The hidden problem is : ''The dead receptor'' theory which many of people here have already heard that. And this theory explains why we have normal hormone levels while we are having serious side effects about hormones ! He said : Accutane (which is a cancer drug) kills the hormone receptors in the body. With this , your body can produce hormones but it c
    4. Guys , im going to ask important question. I was too away from the knowledge you guys have about accutane side effects.. My question is ; why we have side effects hasnt gone for YEARS ?? i have low semen volume for over 2 years now. Isnt that Accutane goes away in system after 3 months ?! i have read a theory about guts , that thay storage the Accutane in it ? is this what happens ? why time hasnt cured us ? Im concerned about my growth and height because i still growing up , i have low
    5. Guys listen !! its not going to work like this. We are so many , we are talking for 10 years in forums. Nothing solved. Why dont we start a lawsuit against Roche ? or make a contact to a known medical university ALL TOGETHER ? we will never going to fix our problem like this. We need professional medical help ! Isnt there anybody who pressed a charge against Roche ? cant we prove it , cmon..
    6. Guys i have still low semen volume due to 5 pills (120mg total - 4 days of usage) of accutane. I have also loss of morning erections. But my general erection is ok. 1,5 years is gone now. Everyone heard the eph95's probiotic and wormwood cure. What you guys think ? what should i do ? is it safe to use with hornygoatweed ?
    7. Guys i have still low semen volume due to 5 pills (120mg total - 4 days of usage) of accutane. I have also loss of morning erections. But my general erection is ok. 1,5 years is gone now. Everyone heard the eph95's probiotic and wormwood cure. What you guys think ? what should i do ? is it safe to use with hornygoatweed ?
    8. Everybody , listen up ! I have found the CURE ! My friend who had Erectile Dysfunction , and suicidal chronic depression due to Accutane has cured himself with a miracle supplement , this nightmare is going to over.. More detail coming soon , im just dropping the name right now : ******ST. JOHNS WORT******* Search it on web you'll see.
    9. Whatever you got do not use Accutane EVER ! it will give you a deformed child ! even years after treatment , do not believe sneaky doctors. They telling lies to us for sell this drugs. Use alternative medications for your acne and eat healthy.
    10. Last day i noticed my penis is shrinked a bit. It scares me out , i just have low semen volume but now. I can see another problems. I dont know what to do know , it seems like really little hourglass shape both when erect and flaccid. Also i can feel a shrinkage at the end of my penis ; Front side of The Dorsal A. point of the penis. (the point that piss and semen goes , the big vein of the penis) Please someone help me !
    11. Oh sorry then , i thought you are still using it. Do you have ant sexual symptoms ? or any other ones ?
    12. Hey just stop to taking that poison ! how are you still taking it while you have breathing problems ??? how any person can do this to his body !
    13. Hey everyone , first here is my story ; http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/352885-accutane-low-semen-volume/#comment-3496475 My worst fear is growing less because of Accutane ! I have low semen volume that caused by Accutane so that means = i have low DHT or other male hormones. That means my Estrogen hormone is going to more dominant , Estrogen cause Epiphyseal Closure (thats why females are shorter then males in general) . And we all know that Accutane cause Premature Epiph
    14. Wow ,i have the same problems with only 120mg of accutane. And they still persist (for 1 years) stop the poison now ! İt will lower your growth and DHT , Testosterone levels.. I have low semen , ejaculate volume. Do you have also low semen volume ?
    15. We all feel the same Alan , but why you are not helping us with your knowledge ? why you are so agressive and why you are posting pointless empty posts here ? just discuss things , thats how we can find a cure ! lets make peace and help each other. I dont mind that you called me son of a bi*** for NO REASON ! Also are you the ; "Alanc" or Took_Accutane on Allthingsmale forum ? i see you in that forum much.