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  1. Yea oily skin sucks! #-o Don't know, I'm even iffy about mosurizing cuz my face auto-mosturizes with tons of oil...ugh...
  2. Sgt Pepper thats awesome! I liked your tips, I'll try to take them into consideration.
  3. The placebo effect is very interesting w/ respect to acne...but I think positive thinking coupled with a good diet and a healthy lifestyle is what's really important
  4. Hey jerry, i just tried eating lemons last night and right now, there is NO REDNESS on my face at all! / Thanks for the tip, worked perfectly for me. (I also used some aloe vera gel, but the lemons definitely cleared up some redness before i put on the gel)
  5. Nice! finally something not related to Dr. This and that or (insert Laser name here). Natural remedies rock man! / I'm going to get this thing as soon as I can. If anyone else has any other things that can be naturally done to help heal scarring or REDUCE REDNESS, please post in this msg! =D>
  6. That last post by chew was on target. I think stress reduction is the keyy...also, it helps me, but if ur confident that ur skin is getting clear that will actually help ur skin get clearer. It's almost like a mental placebo effect. Good luck w/ the accutane~
  7. arite, so neutrogena seems to be the winner...i'm using Clean and Clear Benezol Peroxyde and its makin the pimple go away but the redness is lingering...any way to get rid of that?! help! I only have 14 days!
  8. Hey jerry, I think ur right on the money about the masterbation excacerbating ur acne...because intensely activating your horomones definitely has something to do with how much oil your glands are producing as well as other things. To respond to Chewmyacne, sex can cause acne....for a more scientific explanation, head on over to this link i found : It's by some asian doctor i think and I don't know how credible the webs
  9. Hey Nikki and ritzvin, thanks for the tips. If the aloe vera gel doesn't help reduce the redness a bit, I was thinking of taking up ritzvin's suggestion and buying something to cover it up temporarily. But as a guy I'd feel kinda wierd going to buy...concealer... Any other suggestions guys? I don't have a webcam or digital camera so I could show you guys, but the redness does have tiny little craters in it...does that help w/ a possible answer? :-k
  10. Hey guys, my skin is actually getting really clear and all I seem to be doing is drinking 1.5-2 gallons of water a day...the only thing left to clear skin for me is a little bit of redness on my cheeks. There is just like a field of red there, that doesn't seem to go away. I'm pretty sure its not any abnormal skin condition like rosatia (sp?) or anything like that... Any suggestions on what I could do to reduce the redness, even temporarily? :-k I have an important weekend on the 23rd of thi
  11. :-k Yea does anyone know any good on the spot treatment? Is the Neutrogena On the spot a good acne medication? My skin is clear with the exception of one HUGE and embarresing zit right on the side of my nose...my girlfriend is coming in 3 weeks and i want to get rid of it! Any suggestions?! Help!