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  1. I dont see how I was getting to get "smart" when I was just pointing out the reality All I mentioned was "why eat sugary fruit when there's a better low sugar option" It works for u then good for you not everyone can tolerance the huge amount of fructose in fruits I wont argue with someone that's obvious just trying to pick a fight out of nothing This is a board for everyone, it doesnt run according to u If your logic is perfect and ur diet is healthy, then you probably shouldnt be h
  2. organic sunscreen is either super oily or make ur face look like u have just put on a mask n forgot to wash it off x_x just wear a hat or something to shield ur face
  3. I think those can be easily fulfilled by vegetables that has close to 0g of sugar orange's vitamin C amount is nothing to compare to red bell pepper ( if u eat it raw that is ) just choose low sugar fruit n it's fine
  4. some people are sensitive to BP~ That's why some ppl use salicylic acid instead of BP for killing the bacterias( bp does the best job tho) but questions on ppl that broke out from BP were ur skin completely dried before applying BP? did u moisturize after DRIED bp?
  5. nuts are fine but I dont eat much of them tho raw celery + almond butter = yummmmmmmmmmmmy
  6. Invest in a cheap pill cutter, and take either 1/4 or 1/2 of a pill each day. okie will do that My pee got crazy after the first of B 100 lol It's neo yellow x_x... but it was fine yesterday maybe i'll take it once every other day in a smaller amount
  7. agreed~! fructose is the quickest form of sugar that enters ur blood Though low sugar fruits like berries n lemon n lime = ok~ I dont get how ppl call grape fruit low sugar tho...it still contains loads of sugar to me
  8. just look for one with "lactose free" or just the lowest sugar amount Im using the one from whole food...i think it's the best one out there..it's like 15$ for 1lb( 1lb has like 34 scoops)and it tastes pretty good once u get used to it I just bought a mega 10lb bag from NOW...for like 60 dollars...It's just a plain clean flavorless whey isolate and doesnt have any chemical stuff in it unlike 99% of the whey protein brand out there I try to drink 3 scoops of those per day...so unless I suddenly
  9. There's no such thing as "bad chinese food" it all depends on how someone prepare the meal but I wouldnt recommend going to chinese restaurant since I dont really trust what ppl put in it....( well not only chinese food..I dont like going out to eat at all)
  10. ya I dont drink tea anymore herb tea is the way to go...no caffeine like leaf teas
  11. oh god I just bought the b 100 kind from trader joe...since it was cheaper than the B complex and it has more stuff in it D:!! ( the 50 tables B 100 was 3.99...the 100 tables B complex was 9.99...I have no idea why B 100 is cheaper than B complex x_x) I hope it'll balance out at the end with food... I mean even it's 100mg on most of the B group we still eat more or less one on each type so we'll end up different amount on each of them D: The yellow pee thing only happened to me when I move aro
  12. same here too~ my hair is super oily if I dont wash it every 2 days and i can literally style it with my own "gel" LOL!!!! But it's getting better when I go back on low carb...insulin spikes really do make my skin oily x_x
  13. okie <3 ya I avoid any other oil than coconut and butter now I learned that the bad fats = unstructured ones ( or how to spell it x_x forgot) mostly I eat the egg yolk raw and cook the egg white~* avocado is kinda on the expensive side, like 1 dollar per in my area...so I wouldnt worry about overeating it (each spoonful cost $ lol) and I seem to be fine with it...even tho it's mostly unstructured fat but tasty nevertheless
  14. i have back acne too... but I dont care much about it In my case it just clears itself up after many years x_x I didnt do anything to it and the break out just stopped by itself
  15. dairy breaks ppl out is mostly because of the lactose..not everyone can digest them yogurt and cheese should be fine since the lactose has been broken down to simpler sugar