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  1. You have some options here, If you want to stick with at home remedies you can try glycolic acid peels - but be sure to start at low strength around 5% or 10% first. This can help reduce some of the redness, but will take many months - 3+ months before you will see any results. You can also try derma rolling or skin needling at home. However this will only give you very small results. If you want to get professional treatment, you can research the eMatrix, Microneedling RF or erbium laser
  2. I don't think Vitamin E will help much. Do some research on the following: Very mild glycolic acid peels at home start with 5% or 10% first. Kojic acid in bar soap form used as a cleanser can also help fade these brown marks. It takes time for these to methods ^ a few months at least. If you really want these marks gone fast then the only option is laser - i believe either IPL or a Picosure laser will help with this, but as mentioned those two other methods should work too, just will take
  3. Look into vBeam or Excel V lasers - pulsed dye lasers can help reduce redness. IPL can help but not as effective as the other 2 from what I know.