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  1. Sorry y'all this was supposed to have posted 2/25 but this site is so buggey. Last time I use that "publish at a certain time" feature. DONE! FINISHED! COMPLETED! CEASED! I am fiiiinnnniiissshhheeeddd with my first course of accutane. I have taken my last pill and am, like I've said, DONE. Woohooo! Quick update and then we'll reminisce. So, my skin has been a little more iffy lately. My back has had some white heads popping up lately and in the pictures that I will add, you can see one o
  2. Well, it's been a month since I've talked to you guys and not much has changed. At all. There just hasn't been enough happenings to report on to you guys. But, I figured since I'm almost done with my course that I should check in. I am 5 days away from being finished. Well... 5.5, I have tonight's pill and then 5 more days worth. I'm so stoked to be finished but a little disappointed that I might have to do another one. I have decided that, if the medication really didn't work and I'm still
  3. @CNA7 It's ok. I'm almost done with round 1 and I don't think that I'll be taking a round 2. No hormonal abnormalities to my knowledge or food sensitivities. Birth controls cause or prevent acne? I always heard that some of them prevented it but birth controls are the one thing I haven't ever tried. For my skin I've been using a Neutrogena gentle cleansing wash, an equate beauty moisturizer, and a cetaphil moisturizing cream. And then from time to time I will try a clinique lotion just to get ri
  4. @CNA7 My derm has not given my any specific reasons as to why it isn't working. She has only told me that we won't stop the treatment until it is cleared. Maybe that will be the question I ask at my next appointment. But I do know that my dad took the medication when he was younger, had to do 2 courses, and still gets acne from time to time. I am on 80mg a day (2x 40mg). I started off at 40mg for the first month, jumped to 80mg, went back to 40mg for a month due to painful side effects, and have
  5. I'm back! I'm sorry to have been neglecting the blog but really not a whole lot has happened. My acne is pretty normal now, no random heads popping up. And when I say "normal," I just mean it hasn't changed a whole lot. It has not improved or gotten worse. The worst areas are still under and around my nose, my chin, along my cheekbones, and on my neck and chest. My back seems to be alright - haven't gotten a whole lot on there lately. I just checked and I have 34.5 days left to go. That is, if I
  6. Fun fact! So far, I have spent 34.52% of a year on this medicine. Really puts it in perspective... Well, good news and bad news. Good news first because the bad news kinda null and voids the good news... I only have one month and 14 days left for this course! That is... if I remember to take my pills every day - I've been forgetting a lot lately. But, that means I will be done by February 20th... ONE DAY BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY! Woohoo! Now the bad news: the accutane is not acting as well as my d
  7. Megp264

    Accutane (Zenatane) Journey

    These are the pictures to accompany my 4-5 month Accutane journey.
  8. Happy New Year!!! I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday, got everything they wanted for Christmas, drank to their heart's delight on New Year's, and enjoyed a break from me complaining about my acne. Unfortunately, it's time for me to starts complaining again haha. One of the most ironic things is that the thing I wanted most for Christmas is what is causing me the most of my problems. A while ago I talked about "accutane rash." It is a red/yellowish, raised rash that people experience o
  9. So it's been yet another week and guess what?! Improvement! Lots of improvement! I'm actually unbelievably happy that my face is clearing up the way that it is. Nothing too painful but I've been getting itty bitty white heads every once in awhile and my face is still red if I rub in moisturizer too hard or if the temperature is bothering my skin. The only weird thing that's happening is I'm getting acne in weird places... for example, my ears, my ear lobes, my very lower back, etc. Weird s
  10. So it's been yet another week! If you're keeping up with my journey then you'll know that I recently went back to my 80mg a day. So far, it's worked fabulously. My skin has cleared up from my acne that I had before. There is still some there but not... a whole lot. My neck has majorly improved. I have some pictures in my album that aren't uploading at this exact moment but keep an eye out! Unfortunately, the paronychia has also returned. I've been trying to take my 2, 40mg pills as fa
  11. Two posts in one day?! WHat?! Yeup. 2 posts. 1 day. I just had a story (ok, more of a rant) that I wanted to share with you guys about CVS Pharmacy and Zenatane. So, if you're on accutane or isotretinoin, you probably... aren't on "accutane" or "isotretinoin." Instead, you're probably on something like "absorbica," "roaccutane," "claravis," or (like me) "zenatane." If you've been following my accutane journey, which is currently starting its 4th month, then you know all of the
  12. Guess what!!!! I'm going back to 80mg! Woohoo. Now, I know that probably doesn't sound like something to be excited about (and it kinda isn't) but it means that I don't have to add another month to this stupid process!!!! So woohoo!!! So, bloodwork was normal. But the girl who drew my blood had me a little worried because my arm wouldn't stop bleeding and she asked me repeatedly if I was on blood thinners or aspirin or anything - I wasn't. But everything turned out fine! My dermatolog
  13. @An Nhien the way I see it, we've got 3 months down and maybe a few more to go. We're technically halfway through and it would just be such a shame to just give up now. We would've wasted so much time, money, and emotional energy. So I say tough it out. We'll never know if the "4-5 month process" works if we don't go the whole course, right? Hope this helps. @leelowe1 thank you for the kind words. It's good to know that I'm not alone in all of this!
  14. Wow... 4 months in.... and still not a whole lot of improvement. You could almost say that my acne is worse than when I started. And hey, maybe it WILL all clear up at the end of this process but I've said it once and I'll say it again: this process sucks Because things around here have been so hectic lately I keep forgetting to write in my accutane journal but again, not much has happened. No new side effects, not really any new acne -- just old acne getting worse. There seems to b
  15. Good morning! Well.... good morning, good afternoon, or good evening based on where you are in the world and what time you read this... So, I don't have many new things to talk about this week because I started a new job and have been sooooooo flippin' busy trying to manager school, job, and health that I kept forgetting to keep up my own personal day-to-day acne diary. Y'all get the condensed version. But even with the job I've still been eating clean with the occasional junk meal. No, I'm