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  1. Wow your skin looks amazing.. my acne is not even close to as severe as when your first started, but your skin now looks 10000 times better than mine does right now, this gives me hope.
  2. Getting small little pimples never bother me, they usually go away on their own. Whenever I get a blind pimple, regardless if I pick, leave it alone, or put BP or some other treatment it leaves a big hyperpigmented mark. Now obviously leaving it alone, or putting BP/other treatment left a lesser mark than a failed attempt at popping. Most people will tell you to leave pimples alone, I agree for smaller pimples, but for blind pimples that eventually come to a head, I'd recommend that you put BP
  3. I have this huge darkspot from popping a huge red pimple. Would cardio help fade this?
  4. I do not, just now a whitehead fell out after having developed so far out of my cheek and not being attached, and a visible ice pick hole has formed. I've read from a vast majority of other members, too, that regardless of if you pick and pop your whiteheads or blackheads, ice pick scars still form, as was just evidenced from literally three minutes ago. I tried apple cider vinegar for about a week and saw no improvements. The hard thing about home remedies is whether or not to commit
  5. Right when I think my face is clearing up I get 2-3 pimples that last for weeks. They're not even big, but they usually have whiteheads/blackheads deep under the skin. After applying acv, benzoyl peroxide, etc, and they dont go away I sometimes get frustrated and pick at them. Sometimes I pop them perfectly and they barely scar, but a lot of times i mess up leaving huge scabs. I always have this bad habit of popping my pimples in the shower. I always tell myself not to, but after weeks of f
  6. icing, apple cider vinegar, and a bentonite clay definitely shrunk my inflammed acne by a tremendous amount. It takes a while for it to go completely away for myslef though.
  7. If I could give you one piece of advice it would be not to pick or pop them, one pimple turned into like 20 for me by doing that.
  8. Lol trust me bro, your face doesn't mean anything if its just red marks. I still have a great time in college. Just be confident and don't be insecure about it. Im having a fucking awesome time in college, even in classes. The girls don't mind the marks either Heres some pics of my face to let you feel better: your skin is really not bad at all, most college kids have a couple of pimples and marks.
  9. "I NEED something to cure my acne immediately." I think this is the wrong mentality to have. You're going to stress yourself out more which is a cause of acne if you expect immediate results. If you're using skin drying products make sure you use moisturizer after, or your acne can get worse.
  10. Are you diluting the ACV and using moisturizer after you use ACV? It dries your skin out, so that might be what's causing your skin to break out.
  11. " I act like I'm still all confident with girls but I hope they arent just staring at my acne." I understand how you feel. You should post a photo so other more knowledgeable members on here can give you advice. You might also want to get a second opinion from a new dermatologist if the regimen your current doctor put you on is making things worse. Best of luck.
  12. Try icing it everyday, and rub 50% diluted ACV with water on it, i guarantee it'll shrink. Dont put 100% ACV on it though, it wont get rid of it faster and it can damage your skin.
  13. Probably stress is a factor, also I'm not sure about the mask but it might be drying your skin out. Yuo should try using it in moderation instead of everyday, and don't scrub so hard with your soap. Also try getting a lot of vitamin a.