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    ben folds and i, let's just say we're involved.<br />keeping it real. camping, swimming, piano, anything musical, fireworks.<br />Anything John Cusack. Aerosmith. dancing ridiculously. parades. The song "Grace Kelly" by Mika.<br />rain boots, hats, camouflage, large sunglasses, andddd dance parties. laughing too loud. eating mostly anything. the jimmy eat world album 'futures'. #6's at taco bell. voicemail. the great gatsby. being loved.
  1. Heyy, I don't really have much trouble finding moisturizers that don't break me out- but I use alba aloe & green tea oil-free moisturizer. it moisturizes great and smells really good- i've never had a problem with it.
  2. After you take Accutane it stays in your system for a month. I'm not sure how that works when you've got one month under your belt- but i'm POSITIVE a few days will be fine. good luck!
  3. this just happened to me too, man. over the course of A DAY. I've been clear for about 3 months, I come home from class tonight and BAM. Two red marks are now back in full force. Hahahah. Suckkkks. Those suckers are going down!
  4. helllo! I STRONGLY do not suggest using JUST aloe vera and water- although i like to use it sometimes I can never just use it alone without anyoen else. Before when my acne wasn't that bad I tried taking the all natural route. I just used mild soap, an all natural toner and sometimes aloe vera. this made me break out after a while soooo bad because i wasn't using anything to control my acne. My acne got to the point that I am now on Accutane! So..I guess it depends on what type of skin you
  5. Hey, I'm not an expert on Accutane or anything, but I am just starting my third month tonight. My personal experience? When I started I didn't have very bad acne, but I had a lot of red marks, midle acne, and was EXTREMELY depressed about it. I stopped going out, would only talk to certain friends, and was very very moody around my family. I hated myself. That sounds morbid, but it wasn't all the time. Just when I was by myself and had too much time to think. Anyways, then I started Accuta
  6. landed1113

    spring 07!

    warm weather is finally here!
  7. Hello everyone! I just discovered this 'make up help' forum today and I have a question! I do not have any acne (I'm on Accutane, and have been basically acne free since February!). However, I do have a lot of red marks that I would like to cover up. My skin is very very very light, so it's hard for me to cover up red marks. Right now I'm using Neutrogena Skin Clearing Foundation, but I want to switch off of it. Any ideas on types of makeup that cover extremely light skin(that is sometimes d
  8. It's been about...a month and a few days on Accutane now. Things are great! I have had no side effects except for some realllllly dry lips all the time. I was on 40 mg/day for the first month, and my doctor kept me on it for a second. She couldn't believe how amazing my face looked after only one month! I have no zits, just red marks that have already faded a lot since the last time I saw her. I also had no IB. Hopefully things stay this way!
  9. Hello! I am about a month in and I did not have an initial breakout, or any side effects really. My skin isn't really dry (probably because it was sooo oily before), and I didn't have bad acne before I started (just a few small ones and a ton of red marks). I'm almost done with my first month, and this has just worked wonderfully for me. The only side effect I get is extremelllllllllly dry lips, and my dentist also says that my gums are a little dry too. But everything else is great! I hope it
  10. Sorry it took so long for me to respond back, I'm new to this site and always forget to check my topics. The doctor ended up putting me on Doxycycline and it comopletely cleared up my face. I only have about 3 unnoticable pimples right now, but some red marks still. However, I am on my second day of Accutane, so that this acne can be gone for good! So, to answer your question, I have mild acne.
  11. Hello all. So I'm on my second day of Accutane. I am constantly questioning if this was the right decision for me. I have previously not had really bad acne, but for some reason I had a two month realllly bad flare up. I was put on Doxycycline which almost completely cleared up my face (i only have 3 unnoticeable zits right now), but it still left me with a lot of red marks. I had made the decision to go on Accutane previous to the clear up, but I decided to still go on it. My derm said that
  12. thank you so much:) the dermatologist was actually great. she actually talked to me and cared unlike the other one that i had. she said that i had the most difficult skin to treat, since i have very oily skin that also gets dry easily. But she gave me some pills (apparently like benzoyl peroxide so it will kill bacteria from the inside out), and also a topical cream to use every night. she also told me to switch my shampoo to a shampoo for oily hair, and not anything Pantene. I really hope thi
  13. Hello friends. I just wanted to post becuase I was supposed to have a dermatologist appointment with a new derm. sometime in Jan. THe practice was full ad she wasnt even going to take any new patients (this must mean she's good....), but my Mom told the secretary that she worked in the same building and she got us that appointment. Today, this morning, my Mom realized that my appt was on my first day back at school, and I couldn't miss my first night class. So she called the office and shmooze
  14. I am a big believer that sea water clears your skin. I have a Dead Sea Salt Mineral Peel (Some dermatalogists at the mall are from the area around the Dead Sea Salt and came here to sell these products- salt from the dead sea is actually used). It doesn't too an incredible job at clearing up acne, but it makes your face less red and got rid of these three stubborn pimples that i had for months.
  15. going out with friends during the day on a sunny day (hate that), and most sea animals (but its not a deathly fear or anything. hahaha...you have to laugh about that one though!!!)