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  1. i found dr dans to be the best i live in the UK and have to order them from the US which is pretty expensive but i think its worth it as everything else was crap hope this helps
  2. hi i used vasaline up my nose to keep it from drying up and bleeding also for the dry patches on the body i use aveeno lotion it is really good even if you've scratched and made the skin raw it is very soothing and heals very quickly i'm not sure about the eucerin but i just use simple rich replenishing moisturiser and it works fine just be gentle on your skin as it becomes so sensitive i'm sure it'll all be worth it when you're done
  3. it wasn't really til my last month i cleared up proparly and then it just seemed to happen very quickly so don't give up hope it will all be good soon
  4. hi everyone i'v just finished a corse of accutane i took it for 4 mths i'm wondering if i should start to take vitamin A in the hope it will keep me clear i've done some reseach but can't really come to a desicion i already take zinc vit e and vit c daily if anyone has experience or advice i'd love to hear it thanks
  5. i'm bumping this for everyone to see hopefully it might give a little faith to people taking tane now
  6. hi I have some too they aren't too bad at the moment but they are under my eye near the cheek bone and piss me off a little I can get away without concealer sometines but then other times they look worse so I have to apply makeup to cover them i had laser treatment before I was on tane on my forehead dur to broken capillaries and it worked very well so if they continue to get worse I'll do it again once I've been off the tane long enough I'd reccommend laser it takes a few sessions but it works
  7. thanks for the reply i thought it must be that how long before your flare up calmed down?
  8. I've been taking tane now for 3 weeks and am now getting more spots than before I started it (must be the dreaded IB) I was taking Minocycline before for a yr and a half it didn't keep me clear but kept me mild. As I stopped taking it a few days before starting tane could this be the reason for my bad breakout (and a lot of other peoples) as so many of us are on antibiotics before tane and although they aren't enough to clear us up completely they do help in keeping some spots at bay but then if
  9. I just want to thank you for this log im on day 23 and started with my IB 4 days ago some of the spots are puss filled while others are tender red lumps i've hidden away over the weekend but it's back to work tomorrow how embarrassing I keep reading your log to give me hope as you are such a positive person (unlike me!) I'll keep dropping by to see how you are doing Wishing you all the luck
  10. Hi I have mild acne i get spots on my chin only around 3-4 at a time but they are big red and sore and always leave a red mark for up to 6 mths so my chin is always a mess I've tried nearly every anti biotic and also 3 different types of birth control also lots of creams BP exfoliating stuff and various vitamins and minerals so I'm now on roaccutane it's my thrid week my Derm said as I'm 28 and have tried so many things with little success that tane was my best chance of getting rid of the acne
  11. I'm on week 3 and i'm getting the blisters too they make me look like i've been stung I've tried Norwegian formula (Neutrogena) Immediate repair lip balm, Vaseline and nivia Repair and protect but i'm still suffering I've just put some hydrocortisone ointment on them they are driving me mad!!! if you find anything please let me know Good luck with your course