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  1. thanks for the advice. i think i'll try the BHA. Sweetchica, do you know how long it takes the BHA to make the blackhead disappear?
  2. I have this stubborn blackhead on my nose that won't go away. I've tried everything the clear nose strip and squeezing it out but it won't pop and it seems that I pushed the blackhead down further under my skin. anybody have any adivce on what i should to get rid of this blackhead? any help is appreciated.
  3. i used nicomide and it worked great for me. along with the reigmen nicomide has helped me be 100% clear for almost half a year now. it is a prescription so you have to get one from your doctor. nicomide is good because it is not a medicine more like a vitamin so there are no side effects like with antibiotics. i highly recommend using it although it takes about a month and a half before it starts to kick in and work for you.
  4. didn't so shit for me except make my face red, dry, and peel.
  5. he might be right. excessive sleeping is a symptom of depression. when i used to get bad acne i used to want to sleep the whole day away to avoid going outside and being in contact with people. now that i am clear i have no problems talking to people face to face and being outside in the sunlight. try getting normal sleep it is good for your health and possibly might have some link to why you are braking out.
  6. where do you get glycolic acid? is it in over the counter form?
  7. i don't know how nicomide is for cystic acne. but hey, i hope it works for you! anyways good luck.
  8. hey jengall, give it some time almost one to two months and you should start seeing results. also, what kind of acne do you have? nicomide is best for inflammatory acne (the red bumpy) kind.
  9. hockeystar, just a few questions. where do you get this tri-luma is it over the counter or by prescription? also, how long did it take for it to fade the dark spots? are there any side effects like did it cause breakouts? thanks for the help.
  10. it was just one of the many prescription medicines that didn't work for me.
  11. i looked up 'tri-flux" but found nothing on it. are sure thats what its called? thanks for any help.
  12. i was also wondering if anyone knows of any good products to get rid of the spots that are leftover after you get a pimple. i have darker skin so i get a kinda brown mark while other people with fairer skin get red marks. any help would be appreciated.
  13. you've only been on the regimen for one week how can you say it sucks? it took me almost two months before i got completely clear with the regimen. i hate when people get mad because they don't see instant results. but hey if you don't like it good luck finding something else to clear up your acne.
  14. took about a month for me before it started to kick in and start working.
  15. yeah in my case it definitely was. i cleared up on antibiotics but after awhile my body built up a resistance to them and my acne came back. plus i was sick of the stomaches and strict dosage requirements with antibiotics. nicomide is better because it is in essence just a vitamin not a medicine it has good long term use. it also along with the regimen helped completely clear up my acne.